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Our goal is to provide your business with all the solutions needed to improve your benefits. Among our partners and friends you can find the companies like Cashbacker.se, EasyFundRaising, Great Canadian Rebates, KidStart, Cashinfo, LeapFish, Skype and many others.
From the very beginning in 1998 we’re constantly working on the needs of our customers. Our mutual desire is to change the world through cutting edge programming techniques. It makes us not just a co-workers but a group of common-minded people and this is what keeps us together.
Here you can see the retrospective of our growth.
The milestones can provide you with the vision on the key steps in our improvement.
In 1998 the founders of the Company created the first version of “ToolbarStudio” software and completed over 20 projects, gathering requirements and providing customer support through Australian sales representatives and developing software in the Russian software-house.
Everyday Life
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Our people make us stand out from the crowd – whether you need a high-end experts with area of knowledge or a team with diverse technology skills and domain expertise, no matter – we have a pool of more than 80 IT professionals.
Stanislav Kuliga
Quality is what really cares about people when it comes to their comfort and enjoyment in life. We apply the same principles in our software, following high IT quality standards. I project the vision of quality and its provision on software that we release for you.
Vitaly Demidov
Being a part of the team is one of the ideological aspects in our company. Feeling myself a participant of something global new and interesting makes me feel proud and interested and motivated every day.
Angela Khon
My main task is to make our customers happy. Sometimes it has to be done through the pain of some of our employees, but I am sure that they understand the need and do not take offense
Eli Tabrisov
The main thing in the work is that people should like it and they would develop, so that it would not be boring. That’s what I’m doing - highlighting business tasks in the right way, and choose a vector of company development.
We are hiring
We’re looking for people ready to share our values, for people who wants to improve themselves and to share their vision, to be useful and productive for whole team. If you're experienced developer and willing to express yourself in global projects - we're waiting to hear from you.