How to expand your business worldwide?

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You are not quite sure what kind of strategy to pursue in order to further expand your online business within your country and worldwide?



There are various methods for expanding your e-commerce business, including the use of discount coupons, cashback solution, price comparison services, joining affiliate networks – to mention just a few.

Thankfully, we have the perfect solution which will help expand your online business worldwide much quicker and more efficiently than most of the other methods.

Our solution

With Affiliate Stock, you will not only increase the internet traffic to your…

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Ways to increase the productivity of investment

browser extension

Are you facing problems with achieving an expected or better return on investment for your business? Depending on the type of business you have, there are different methods for improving your ROI. Returns may include factors such as increased sales and profits, increased brand awareness, reduced expenses or improving the overall efficiency of your business strategy.


Our solution

In order to improve your return on investment, you can take actions to boost your sales, increase your revenues and profits and improve customer satisfaction and brand recognition and loyalty.

We have a perfect…

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What binds your users to your service?

developing add-ons and extensions for browsers

Are you losing the battle with the ever-growing competition? Are your customers turning to others because they have forgotten about the products or services you provide?



With the increasing amount of content added to the World Wide Web and the growing number of online retailers and companies opening new businesses, it can be particularly difficult to stay in business and keep your customers.

Look at the bright side – the competition can make you better and can push you to improve your products, and services, to work…

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How to decrease expenses on Google AdWords and SEO for e-commerce businesses?

SERP Injection

Do you find that your spending on SEO and for advertisements is not paying back through sufficient conversions?


Having SEO and using Google AdWords and other online advertising strategies is essential if you want to increase your website traffic from organic searches. Since Google holds the lion’s share of the profitable traffic, you need to invest in a strategy which will improve your search engine ranking.

Unfortunately, in some cases, the SEO may not be as efficient, and your ads may not be reaching the audience you are targeting due to mistakes in…

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How the voice search technology can affect the perspectives of marketing

website development tools

Inspired by Star Trek’s Starship Enterprise circa interaction from back in 1966, today Alexa is already occupying tens of millions of homes around the world. Today, you can speak to a number of objects and devices in your home and car and on your phone and can get replies or get them to do whatever you need.



Of course for iOS users, Siri has become an irreplaceable virtual voice assistant too, and so are the various other voice interfaces being introduced by different tech and Internet companies such as Cortana, Watson…

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Data overload perspectives

app development cost

With the never-ending internet access of all of your mobile devices and various gadgets, IoT devices as well as social media, emails, messengers and so on – the amount of information we are processing for 24 just hours is overwhelming.



Never before in the history of the world have people been bombarded with so much data as we are today.

Think about it, according to estimations today we are processing five times more data than we did 25 years ago, and we are capable of processing about 34GB of information…

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Programmatic advertising as a vector of improvement

programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising is the fastest growing channel in the digital industry and is already dominating the market. Spending on programmatic ads is expected to reach $60 billion in 2018.


So, what exactly is programmatic advertising

In simple terms, this is the process of using technology for buying and selling ad inventory via a data-driven, automated procedure and represents most types of online ad spaces including native and display ads, mobile and video.

The use of software for buying and selling digital advertising has replaced the traditional methods which include tenders, requests for…

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Internet videos as a marketing tool – efficient or not?

marketing tool

There is no doubt that online videos used for marketing are the number one internet marketing tool at the moment.



According to statistics from Wyzowl, in 2018 81% of all businesses are using video content as part of their marketing strategy. And 99% of them will continue using it in the future. From the remaining 19% that are not using video yet, 67% are planning on implementing it in 2018.

The video marketing revolution is ongoing and is overtaking the world

If you are asking yourself why that is, here are several…

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Ways to decrease the cost of your mobile app development

mobile app development

With more businesses realizing the growing popularity and use of mobile apps by their potential customers, partners and other interested parties, more of them are planning on offering their customers their own mobile apps.



This though can turn out to be quite an expensive proposition, so here are some ways to reduce the cost of the development of your company app, and let it fit into your budget:

Plan carefully

Before jumping into the actual development of your app, make sure you take the time to brainstorm your ideas for what your…

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Some uses of blockchain you probably wouldn’t have guessed

Blockchain technologies

Blockchain has definitely become a buzzword in the last few years. In 2018 it has become as popular as ever, raising the value of the stocks of companies which simply contain the word “Blockchain” or are working on implementing the blockchain technology for one of many industries.



Some of the blockchain based companies and projects are looking to compete with existing centralized services while other try to create new services or products which were not possible only a decade ago based on the blockchain tech.


Here are some of the latest blockchain based…

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