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Removing unwanted toolbars from browsers

toolbars from browsers
If you are a regular Internet user, you probably have come across with an unnecessary toolbar getting stuck to your browser, and annoyingly reappearing no matter how hard you try to hide it or remove it. The truth is, that there are hundreds of toolbars which can be added to your browser without you realising you have allowed them to. The problem is that some toolbars will slow the browsing experience, they can highjack the searches you do and can track your Internet browsing activity. Of course not every toolbar is bad. Some are quite useful and have handy toolbar…

The best add ins for Outlook you should install right away

add-ins for Outlook
Microsoft has been constantly developing its Outlook application interface, ever since it was first introduced.  The most popular e-mail, calendar, contact and task manager, journal and browser has been constantly improving, and now is available for mobile phones via the number of Outlook apps available and even the brand new version of Outlook Android wear has just been released, in order to provide quicker and easier access to e-mails, calendar events and event tracking information. But what makes Outlook a very special application is the huge variety of Outlook add-ins, which allow everybody to customize their own Outlook application.  

The importance of pre-planning for successful mobile app development

For successful mobile application development, it is crucial to have a very well structured concept and plan for the mobile software development process.  Plus, it is important to strictly adhere to the pre-approved plan and concept, so that no time and effort is lost in examining and working on deviating ideas, which can also lead to a final mobile app which has nothing to do with the initial concept.   The main questions you should be asking when pre-planning a mobile app product The most important questions you should start asking yourself in the pre-planning stages are: what your expectations are, how…
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