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How to create a mobile application for Android

. Mobile applications for Android
You own a small or big business, and you have decided that your employees, clients and partners can benefit from a custom made company Android app?  But how exactly should you develop the app so that it functions properly and does the job it has been intended to do? The truth is that there is a world-wide debate about the benefits of the various platforms which can be used for developing mobile applications for Android between the HTML5/JavaScript/CSS3, the native code programmers and the hybrid fans.     Types of mobile Android…

How to create your own browser toolbar

ToolbarStudio can create toolbars
Browser toolbars can be icons in strips, various menus or other buttons which are made to enhance the functionality of the browser, save your time and increase your productivity if used for work. You may really need a specific function toolbar button or menu on your browser which will save you effort and time of performing another action while browsing and working. This is the reason why so many companies choose to develop their own brand toolbars to help engage the employees and enhance their work productivity. But how are the toolbars made, and how easy is it to develop…
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