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How to search documents on Android

search documents on Android
The task to search for text in your documents and files has always been important for all operating systems. Many software applications are developed for this purpose for different operating systems such as grep for Linux, FileSeek and SeekFast for Windows and many others. Recently, several applications have been developed for Android.   Google Gesture You can try Google’s Gesture search app. It is easy to use and allows you to quickly search and access applications, contacts, settings, music or bookmarks on your Android phone or other device.  The interesting part is that the…

Most popular programming languages for mobile apps development

programming languages for mobile apps development
The development of mobile apps is as popular as ever today.  With more companies, stores, and all kinds of organisations choosing to make their own app to offer to their clients and partners. The question is what the most popular programming languages for mobile apps development are, and which one is the best choice for your app. HTML5 HTML5 is definitely a top choice in case you want a web-fronted mobile app. It is easy to learn if you are familiar with HTML. The problem with this language is that the different internet browsers support it in different ways….

How to manage files on Android

mobile applications
With the ever growing use of our phones and other mobile devices instead of our computers and laptops both for work and for pleasure, comes the time when the files and data on your Android phone is getting so much, that you are having serious trouble finding the files, music, photos or other data you need. Unfortunately, Google’s mobile OS does not include a file managing app by default.     Here is how to successfully manage your files on Android devices In case you don’t have a pre-installed file managing app on…

Microsoft Edge finally has extensions which can be customised

The browser designed
Now that Windows 10 has finally offered the long-awaited anniversary update, the Microsoft Edge browser finally has extensions. When it first released its latest browser, Microsoft had stripped it off of all add-ins and additional features because of security reasons. But now, with the Windows 10 updates, users can finally customise their internet browser once again.     How to add extensions to Edge Here is some information on how to do that: Open the menu button of Edge and select settings and then Extensions. The menu button is the one with three horizontal dots. You…
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