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Cash Back apps you need to download and use right away

Cashback apps
If you are one of the millions of people who choose to use their smartphones or other mobile devices to do their shopping, you should definitely try out one or more of the available cashback and rebates apps for mobile devices.  They are usually easy and hassle-free to use, and get you some serious discounts, gift cards, or actually get some of the money you spent back.   Here are some of the types of cashback mobile apps which you should try out: Apps which offer a…

An introduction to some of the most popular and trusted cashback sites

most popular and trusted cashback sites
You have probably heard the saying, that in order to make money, you need to spend money. The cashback websites, cashback mobile apps and browser add ons are becoming ever so popular because more people are realising that this saying is quite true, and that they can get some of their money back when shopping. Here are some of the most popular cashback websites, which are not scams or phishing schemes, but can help you save money, collect coupons and stack your savings: is probably one of the most popular cashback sites today.  It was first…

Some nice Google Chrome extensions and features you should know about

Google Chrome extensions
Apart from the ongoing development of browser toolbars for making the life of Google Chrome users easier, Google has now added an even neater function to its internet browser.     The personalised tab feature This is a personalised tab feature. Basically, this is the Google Now feature added to each new browser tab you open. This can really help when you are working or using the browser on your mobile device, when you usually need to open a number of different apps. You can test the personalised tab feature in the

Why developing a native mobile app could improve your business

developing a native mobile app
Now that more companies are choosing to make the use of smartphones and tablets by their employees, customers and partners the leading form of communication, the management of the companies needs to prioritise on choosing the most suitable mobile strategy. In most case, this strategy needs to include the cloud and features such as back-end and other cloud based functions and features, which allow for easy synchronisation, greater storage capacity and data management, plus integration with the main business systems.     Factors which make native apps much more productive than mobile sites Companies are…

Browser toolbars and extensions for Google Chrome which you definitely need

Browser toolbars
If you are like 70% of the Internet users and you prefer to use Google Chrome as a default browser, then you should take a look at some of these quite useful browser toolbars and extensions.  To find your extensions, go to the menu on the top right hand corner of the browser tab and pick more tools and extensions.  You can then search for extensions, download and install or uninstall, enable or disable them.     Here are some of our top choices:   Feedly If you’re a Google Reader RSS…

Hybrid or native MADPs – how to choose

development of mobile applications
Mobile app developers who are building apps for various operating systems face quite a bit of challenges, because often this requires finding and learning new programming languages and app development tools.   What are MADPs This is why more of the mobile app developers choose to use mobile application developments platforms (MADPs). These frameworks allow programmers to use the programming language for mobile apps development of their choice and the tools they are familiar with to create apps which can run on different mobile operating systems for the development of mobile applications. The MADPs allow the programmers to create the apps, test…
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