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US retail in the light of new political situation in USA

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After the presidential election of the US, various industries and the retail industry are also beginning to question on what the effect of this unexpected win on their businesses will be. Some retail experts have suggested that the new president can truly have an effect on the retail industry, because the supply chain and the labor changes can reduce the profitability of some retail companies.     Reasons why new president can affect retail Some of the main reasons given for such negative forecasts include: Donald Trump has expressed his disapproval of the NATA agreement…

Digital commerce tendencies for apparel and accessories in the US

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Digital commerce experts in the US have made forecasts the sales of apparel and accessories via e-commerce will grow and reach about 74.03 billion US dollars in 2016.  This is nearly 19% of all the retail e-commerce in the country. Even though the majority of US consumers still prefer to shop for clothes and accessories in brick and mortar stores, the e-commerce sales are growing rapidly too.     A survey held back in February showed that 78% of those surveyed had purchased clothes from actual physical stores in the past 12 months, which…

What the future poses for e-commerce and m-commerce growth

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Forecasts by digital commerce experts show that mobile commercial sales in 2016 will reach a stunning 123 billion US dollars by the end of the year in the US only. This marks a 39% increase as compared to 2015, and more than 95% more than 2014. E-commerce too is continuing to grow, with an expected sales volume via online stores expected to reach 262 billion US dollars for 2016.     Why customers are preferring digital commerce solutions More manufacturers and merchants are relying on digital commerce solutions, including e-commerce and m-commerce which…

Tips to get the best deals and save money during your holiday shopping

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Christmas is right on our doorsteps, so it is a good idea to start thinking about organizing your Christmas shopping so it is timely, and so you get great gifts for all but at the best price possible.  There are some online shopping tips and hacks which can come in handy while you are at it.     Get the appropriate browser extensions for shopping online First of all, make sure you install the Honey Chrome browser extension. It will find all the available discount codes and coupons for the items…

Get the best online deals with the following shopping extensions

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Today, the US economy is facing a struggle to achieve growth at pre-recession levels.  So, now the people have to put in extra effort to decrease their spending, but keep their quality of life.     Thanks to the development of software and technology today there are hundreds of online tools to help people do just that. Some of the most useful of them all are the following shopping assistant browser extensions which will help you save money: PriceBlink: this cool browser extension offers quick and reliable price comparisons of items chosen by you….

Some great browser extensions which can save you bags of money

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Since shopping online is faster and much more convenient than going to a brick and mortar store, it is becoming more and more popular.  But there are certain downfalls to it too. Sometime, if you don’t have enough time on your hands to do some research and comparison shopping, it could be difficult to know whether you are getting the best deal at the online store of your choice. But there are some tips on how to find the best online deal quickly and reliably. There are a number of browser…

The future tendencies for the development of e-commerce

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E-commerce is becoming more and more popular, which has caused the traditional overall market to take note of it too.  The fact that the online payment options for processing and technology as well as the fact that most e-commerce sites accept online credit card payment has further boosted the popularity of online shopping.     The statistics regarding the tendencies in e-commerce According to a research by Business Insider’s BI Intelligence service, in 2016, US consumers are going to spend 385 billion dollars online and an expected 632 billion dollars online in 2020….

Tips for improving your online sales

Tips for improving your online sales
If you have an e-commerce business, then you know that goal number one is to increase your sales, not only because of the obvious reason, but also because your confidence increases and so does your striving for improvement of the customer experience, as well as the desire to expand your market. You shouldn’t think that because you sell products, you should stop creating content for your online shop. In actuality, content matters when a customer is making a purchasing decision. It helps create the mood. If you present your product in the proper way – with detailed descriptions, video, audio…
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