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Why online sales isn’t for every retailer or business

online sales
It may be the fastest growing retail market in North America and Europe, but e-commerce has not turned out to be the right choice for all retailers in the UK.  Even though, online shopping has allowed some small retailers to increase their numbers of customers and sales volumes immensely, for others, it has turned out to be an actual burden and profit drainer. Statistics show that 73% of the consumers in the UK will buy holiday gifts online and will surpass the 24.4 billion pounds spent online last Christmas.   Why…

The tendencies for mobile shopping at the end of 2016

mobile shopping
The latest statistics are showing a growing share of online shopping is now being done via mobile phones and tablets. It is obvious that more and more consumers are appreciating the fact that it is now so easy and quick to shop from wherever they are and at whatever time of the day or night. This convenience, as well as the fact that more mobile apps are being developed to make mobile online shopping easier, faster and safer.     According to a survey performed by a couple of agencies, many consumers…

Our favorite browser plugins for shopping for 2016

browser plugins for shopping
With the growing popularity of browser extensions and mobile apps for better and quicker online bargain hunting, there have been new browser plugins and mobile apps offering cash back and similar services popping out literally every day now. If you are wondering which one or more of them to choose, we have tried out quite a lot of them, and have made our decision about the top browser extensions and plugins for online shopping, for getting the best deals, price comparison and coupon finding online. Here they are: The Ebates cash back button Ebates is a browser extension which offers…

Ideas for finding the best prices and deals online

browser extensions and plugins
According to the Conference Board, the average US consumer will be spending about $570 for gifts during the Christmas holidays this year. According to the research team, these purchases will be done by cash or credit card. You must know though, that if you are planning to do your holiday shopping with cash, you could be losing out on a number of opportunities to save money via the cashback awards offered by certain credit card companies.     Of course, the best way to save money when Christmas shopping is to not…

4 tips for saving impressive sums of money while shopping online

cashback sites
Of course, everybody wants to get the best deal when shopping online or offline. You will probably be very surprised if you find out just how many pounds you can save while doing your Christmas or everyday shopping online.  Here are several useful tips to help you save money and make sure you get the best deal on your online purchase:   Shop form cashback sites Next time you go on browsing and shopping online, why not go to one of the many cashback sites available, instead of the online retailers who you usually…
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