2017-2018 Diversity of e-commerce between mobile and desktop. Perspectives

February 27th, 2018

Currently, an estimated 10 billion internet connected devices are in use. With the incredible surge of smartphone and mobile device use worldwide, it comes to no surprise that mobile based e-commerce sales are expected to overtake those made via desktops in 2018. Still, a vast number of online retailers are still hesitant or failing in turning their strategies towards mobile first.


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A study published by Shopgate shows that about 54% of all e-commerce sales expected to reach $414 billion in 2018 are expected to be mobile based. Given that this percentage was just 2% in 2004 this is a very serious surge.


The findings of the mobile shopping customer research

The in-depth research has found that on average, people check their smartphones about 150 times every day which means that they spend an average of three hours on their phones on a daily basis.

The same study has found that more than 45% of the cases of cart abandonment happens in the payment stage, with four out of every five customers admitting to leaving the checkout process due to the time consuming and irritating process of having to enter their card details and one out of five bailing out due to security concerns.

The number of users who browse products is 70% more than those that actually make mobile purchases. 40% of the online shoppers admit that the biggest problem they have with mobile shopping is the small screen sizes which stop them from being able to properly view the product they are interested in, while 26% of the users claim that they find mobile retail sites difficult to use. The proper solution for this problem according to this research is for e-commerce companies to add smartphone apps to their multichannel sales strategy.

The users who are inclined to make their purchases via their mobile devices were found to spend 90% more time on the shopping app rather than on the website of the retailer. Also those who return to a retailers’ mobile app are found to spend 55% more for their purchases. More than half of the users who use their smartphones for shopping have claimed that they will rely on the use of digital wallets for online purchases in 2018.


The conclusion

With more than half of all of the overall internet traffic coming from smartphones and other mobile devices, there is no doubt that for each and any e-commerce business to succeed in 2018 they will need to invest in creating an easy to use website for mobile viewing, or even better – hire a professional e-commerce mobile app development company or develop their own intuitive, simple, fast and useful shopping app to attract new customers and to get old ones to return and make actual purchases via their mobile phones.

Retailers who fail to cater to the needs of mobile customers means losing a huge number of potential customers. This means that if you want your sales to increase and your business to be successful in 2018, you absolutely need to re-consider your website design for better mobile viewing and use and its SEO for better mobile search results.

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