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Ideas for boosting a new e-commerce business

new e-commerce business
Ideas for boosting a new e-commerce business Many people dream about making money while they are sleeping. In fact, this dream can turn into a reality with a successful online store or ecommerce business. Here are some tips on how to start earning money from the very beginning of your work as an e-commerce entrepreneur:     Promote your business Developing a great online store or shopping app is not the only thing you must do in order to start a new successful e-commerce business. You will need to promote your store, so that…

Shopping browser extensions for Chrome you must have

Shopping browser extensions for Chrome
If you are one of the growing number of people who choose to shop online, Chrome is probably the best browser to use. Not only because it is the most popular internet browsers, but also due to the fact that there are a number of powerful browser extensions which can be very useful when shopping online.     The different types of shopping browser extensions offer a wide variety of functions, services and information, including: real time price comparison, discount news, voucher search, etc. Here is our latest take on…

The use of mobile apps in 2016 and forecasts for mobile app development in 2017

mobile app development
According to Flurry analytics, the usage of mobile apps is continuously growing, but some statistics show that it has grown by 11% in 2016, which is slower than the usage growth of the previous year (the growth was a stunning 58% in 2015).  So, in fact the usage of mobile apps is possibly slowing down, or at least the usage of some of the types of apps is slowing down while that of others is growing.     The problem with the abundance and variety of the millions of Android and…

Mobile app use tendencies and useful tips for developing popular new mobile apps

mobile app developers
More people around the world are using their smartphones and other mobile devices instead of their desktops to shop and for their everyday needs, which is why the developers of mobile apps are continuously working and competing to create new apps which will win over more users.     According to Statista, in June 2016 there were around 2.2 million Android apps and 2 million Apple apps, downloadable in Google Play and Apple App Store respectively. It is expected that about 200 billion mobile apps will be downloaded in 2017.

Safety tips and measures to take when shopping online

mobile shopping or cashback apps
With online commerce taking up bigger shares of the entire retail in the US, the risk of web based fraud is increasing as well.  Unfortunately, the tendency of possible thieves lurking in your bank accounts and shopping is increasing, but so is the feeling of comfort and safety which more users are feeling when shopping online. In fact, Experian’s Holiday Shopping Survey shows that a massive 23% of the people surveyed were willing to risk becoming victims of identity theft in the name of an attractive Cyber Monday deal, for example. 46% claimed that they felt safe…

Do you have bad customers? Are you yourself a bad customer?

online shopping services
Every successful online business owner knows that the key is to offer good customer service and good value to the customers. But, they also need to know that every single customer who visits the online shop is necessarily a good one. Plus, not all customer complaints about your service are your fault. Of course, in many cases good customers have valid points when filing complaints or pointing out problems regarding the online shopping experience. It is the complaints and problems from your good and loyal customers which need to be addressed, because such attention and care for customer satisfaction can…

Some remarkable statistics about online consumers in 2016

E commerce Solutions Custom Development
In 2016, online shopping has shown the biggest rise in years. Adobe claims that the Black Friday online sales of this year reached 3.34 billion dollars, which was 26% more than in 2015. The mobile sales reached 1.2 billion dollars and thus a growth of 33% from last year.     Cyber Monday also reached record online sale volumes of 3.39 billion dollars, which made it the day with the biggest volume of online sales in history. Here are some facts about the online shopping consumers of 2016…
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