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The possible limitations of trusting only 1 cashback app or service

cashback app
Both on a personal level and on a business level, smart financial management is the key to success. An experienced business owner knows many ways to cut the business or production costs without making a compromise with the quality of the products or services offered, but still – there are always other ways which can help improve a business.     Cashback – what precautions to take A good example is offering cashback rewards. Creating a cashback app or offering cashback rewards helps a business increase the following of its customers and helps affirm…

A great mobile life has to make our lives easier and better!

making a successful mobile app
When you come to think about it, mobile apps have truly changed the way we live.  There are literally apps for everything today, and the market keeps growing. The leading mobile app stores have more than 7 million apps available for downloading and use. A study performed by App Annie for the first quarter of 2017 has found that on a global level the average person uses between 8 to 12 mobile apps per day on their smartphones. This is how immense the effect of mobile apps on our lives is.  

A new and completely free curriculum will teach students how to code mobile apps from this fall

how to code mobile apps
Apple is working on a completely free new teaching curriculum for mobile app development for high school and college students who have little or no previous coding experience.     The new curriculum will become available in the iBooks store, with no charge for downloading and using it, according the Apple CEO Tim Cook. The curriculum has already been adopted in six community colleges with plans to educate nearly half a million students this upcoming fall. In an interview for USA Today, Cook expressed his pride of this new…

What to strive for when developing a mobile app for your company

mobile app
In modern times, when more people are relying on their smartphones and other smart devices for any type of information and for various tasks, it is not surprising that mobile app development is growing at overwhelming rates. It does seem that there is a mobile pap for virtually anything these days. More companies and organizations are adding mobile app development for their specific needs, products and customers as a top priority to their marketing and business plans.     But in order to make a mobile app attractive to more users and actually useful…
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