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Easy tips on how to get back some of your money from your holiday shopping

cashback browser extensions
We all know the expenses which the holiday shopping spree is associated with. Why not earn some cash back from the money you spend next time you shop for gifts for your family and friends? There are certain browser extensions which can help you do just that.     Join a cashback website Start of by signing in to some of the leading cashback websites, such as: TopCashback or Ebates. These site will give you back cash or points for shopping through them. After you create an account you just need to look…

Two security flaws can be compromising your browser extension list

browser extension list
Online security experts have recently unveiled two flaws which affect the Internet browser extension system. These serious flaws have been found in the extension system of most major internet browsers including: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and others.     The problem with these flaws is that attackers can exploit them to get a 100% full list of all extensions which are installed on a user’s browser. Such information can be used for malicious fingerprinting of users and for unmasking those users who are browsing behind a VPN or for Tor traffic…

Should you invest in a Mobile App Development Platform – look at the basics here

Mobile Application Development Platforms
You are thinking about investing in a Mobile app development platform (MADP) for your new enterprise mobile app, but how to you make a financially wise decision amongst the various types of MADP products available today, and is making such an investment actually worth it for your specific business, goals and ideas?     Here are some general guidelines, which will help you decide on paying for a MADP, and choosing the best MADP to serve your purposes of planning, developing, testing and maintaining your enterprise mobile apps…

How and why to choose an MADP tool for your mobile app development

mobile app development
With the increasing growth of mobile app use, the market for Mobile App Development Platform (MADP) tools is growing and becoming even more confusing for its potential customers. The reason for this confusion is the fact that there has been an increasing need of creating mobile apps which can be used across more different platforms, OS, screen sizes and different mobile devices. The positive side of this phenomenon is that the developers of these MADP tools are striving to make the work of the developers using them as easy and as time consuming as possible. Today, thanks to…

Smart tips for saving money for your mobile app development

mobile app
You are interested in developing a mobile app for your business, service or brand, or you have an absolutely brilliant idea which will win over millions of users online and make you millions? You probably are aware that developing a professional quality mobile app can be quite pricey, so make sure that you plan your investments and return of investment ahead before you proceed.   Here are some guidelines and useful tips on developing a successful mobile app without breaking the bank: Consider the huge variety of mobile device types, screen sizes and…

Guidelines for succeeding with your latest e-commerce business idea

Cross Browser Extension Framework
E-commerce is the thing of the future according to all statistics and the forecasts by experts. Online shopping may even surpass the rate of brick and mortar shopping in the upcoming years. Even though the market is already filled with online entrepreneurs – some giant and other small, there is still a place for budding new e-commerce enthusiasts and professionals.     If you have a brilliant idea for an online business which you are sure that will make you millions of dollars, and you have found a way to provide…
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