The best add ins for Outlook you should install right away

June 17th, 2016

Microsoft has been constantly developing its Outlook application interface, ever since it was first introduced.  The most popular e-mail, calendar, contact and task manager, journal and browser has been constantly improving, and now is available for mobile phones via the number of Outlook apps available and even the brand new version of Outlook Android wear has just been released, in order to provide quicker and easier access to e-mails, calendar events and event tracking information.

But what makes Outlook a very special application is the huge variety of Outlook add-ins, which allow everybody to customize their own Outlook application.


Outlook add-ins


Our favorite add ons for Outlook include some Outlook 2007 add-ins as well as some of the best outlook add ins from the newer ones, which can seriously improve one’s Outlook experience.

  • The Bing Nearby Outlook add in will give you all necessary directions, thanks to Bing’s mapping features, so you can stay on schedule. Just one click on the Bing Nearby icon will add location information to any e-mail message or entry in your calendar. It is free and made by Microsoft.
  • The FindTime add in helps users find the most appropriate time for meeting with colleagues or other project members, it will also create a polling e-mail message to send to all other attendees of the meeting. Then it will automatically score the results of the poll, and determine the day and time preferred by the majority.
  • mxHero is a perfectly free and yet multi-skilled add-in for Outlook which allows users to customize their Outlook application with a variety of features, including: scheduled e-mailing, e-mail reminders, self-destructing messages, and many others.
  • Outlook Password is an excellent add-in for storing and managing the overwhelming amount of passwords we create and use every day
  • Sanebox automatically sorts incoming mail, and filters out all subscription, marketing and newsletter e-mails, which are not work related.
  • The ContactMonkey add-in will alert you as soon as the e-mail you sent is opened and as soon as a link was clicked immediately.
  • The Awayfind add-in will notify you via SMS or another native app as soon as an important (according to your requirements) e-mail is received. You can rest assure even if you are not checked into the Outlook application you will never miss an important e-mail again.


Get your customized Microsoft Outlook add-in


If you have specific needs or requirements for a particular function or option to be provided by your Outlook application, you can always order your own personal customized Outlook add-in.

BestToolbars offers entirely customized add-ins for Microsoft Outlook, especially designed to fit the exact needs of each customer.  The company has more than 10 years of experience in this field and due to the database of standard features which it has accumulated through the last decade, can offer highly efficient, customized add-ins for Outlook very quickly and at a very competitive price.


BestToolBars Contact Us   If you have a question about our services, do not hesitate to send us a message.


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