AI, browser extensions and mobile apps are combating the fake news invasion

March 30th, 2018

Fake news has become one of the top discussed topics and has turned into a true problem which politicians, journalists and internet companies are all trying to handle.

Fake news has become a thing partly due to the technological advances. Bots can release automatically fabricated headlines and stories, and computer software allows for all kinds of manipulations which are easily sold to the public.


mobile apps are combating the fake news invasion


How AI can help combat the influx of fake news

Hopes are that technology will turn out to be the key to resolving this alarming and growing problem. Artificial Intelligence is the new technology which is thought to be the possible resolution for tackling and eliminating fake news which seem to appear everywhere even on trusted online media outlets.

Currently, human fact-checkers stand behind the fact checking outlets such as Truth or Fiction and Snopes, but experts say that AI can take over the task of checking the thousands of news stories which are released online every day. AI fact-checking systems can go through the thousands of headlines and stories, and can work with the fake news browser extensions which are already made available for the major browsers.

AI systems are no doubt quicker and more efficient than manual fact checking, which is why companies such as Joostware have already announced a Fake News Challenge which is a competition for AI experts to help develop AI based tools for spotting fake content online.

Internet giants Google and Facebook also announced their intention of developing such AI based systems to fight fake news and stop them before they become viral or otherwise harmful. The announcement was made at the World Economic Summit held in Davos last month.

An Israeli startup company named is already making its first steps in fighting fake content online. Their algorithm is based on AI technology which helps spot recycled and repeated content or otherwise shows trends of being fake such as heavy use of adjectives, adverb, slang, few comas, few or no quotations and other tell-tale signs. The company claims that the tool works with an accuracy of nearly 90%. Their plans are to release a browser plug in to warn users of suspected fake content in real time.

AI systems for spotting fake videos and images are also in the plans of the company as well as by other AI experts.

Actions against fake news you can take now

If you want to take action against fake news today, you can download and install some of the following browser extensions today:

B.S. Detector for Google Chrome

Developed and powered by a list of known domains and sources of fake news, this extension will warn you about the possible unreliability of the content of the website you are browsing.

Fake News Alert

This useful extension will alert you if you visit a website which is known for spreading false news. The extension will also warn you if you have stumbled upon a hoax or satirical site in order to prevent any confusion.


This extension for Chrome will help you sort out fake posts in your Facebook feed. Posts which are found to be fake are tagged in one corner, and the extension will attempt to find you a reliable source instead. FiB can check the facts of your Facebook posts as well.


This is a mobile app which can be used both on iOS and Android devices. It has a “truth-o-meter” as well as a “Settle it!” feature which is not only useful but can be quite fun to use as well.

So, go ahead and join the growing army of people battling the new fake news plague today!

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