Amazon’s quest for winning over the largest shares of sales this Black Friday

November 22nd, 2017

On November 1st, Amazon launched its official countdown to the much expected Black Friday of 2017. The online retail giant introduced its updated mobile app for iOS which includes a fascinating holiday shopping feature called “AR View”.


mobile app for iOS


Amazon’s AR View App

It is based on the ARKit of Apple, and has been developed in order to allow customers to “visualize” various products by virtually placing them around their home or other property. This augmented reality function is already been offered by other innovative retailers such as IKEA and others which want to give potential customers the choice of testing the visual aesthetics of the products before actually deciding to purchase them.

Amazon’s AR View App

The Amazon app can be downloaded and used for free at the App Store and all users need to do is select the camera icon of the app on their iOS phones or devices and choose from one or more of the thousands of items available for virtual placing in your homes. This is especially useful for customers who are planning on purchasing a piece of furniture or remodeling and redesigning their homes with new home décor items, furniture and electronic devices.

As part of its pre-holiday shopping preparation, amazon is also currently offering iTune gift cards at 15% discounts.

Voice shopping

Voice shopping

Another great shopping feature which thousands of Amazon’s customers are already using is the Voice Shopping function. Customers get to voice shop from millions of prime-eligible goods and items available via Alexa. This feature is available on Alexa based devices, such as the Amazon echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Amazon Fire TV, the Fire HD Tablet, Amazon Dash Wand or Amazon Tap. All customers need to do is say: ”Alexa, buy (product)” and then confirm with a “yes” in order to easily and quickly purchase an item of their choice. To use this option you need to be a Prime member and have set payment and shipping information for your Amazon account.

Amazon App

The Amazon App is also one of the most popular mobile apps used for holiday shopping by Amazon customers. More than 70% of the customers of the e-commerce giant have shopped via their mobile devices, which is why this app is very popular. It allows customers to perform quick camera searches by scanning a particular barcode, and can easily find their special holiday packages with the help of the easy to use UI of the mobile app. Also, they can set alerts for particular items which they want the app to watch for them, and receive timely notification when a new deal or sale is available for that particular product. The app also allows buyers to check the items purchased by scanning the barcode on the amazon boxes without opening them, which is very useful if you are buying a gift for someone and do not want to spoil the surprise.

Especially for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Amazon will be offering its customers pertinent information in regard to the deals of the day, as well as for “lightning deals” for certain products which are available in limited quantities and will be available only for a limited time.

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