Augmented reality could be decisive for the future of online shopping

August 24th, 2017

More tech and e-commerce experts are claiming that augmented reality could be the key to the future of online commerce. Now that it is pretty clear that the online shopping apps are prevailing and about to “kill” the brick and mortar stores and shopping malls, the interest and planning of improving user experience and attracting new customers to download and use a shopping app is becoming a key focal point of both retailers and professional mobile shopping app developers worldwide.


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Devices with augmented reality features are already changing the online shopping experience

A good example of the expected high impact of augmented reality on the future of online shopping is the highly anticipated ASUS ZenFone AR which is a 5,7 inch smartphone – the first one featuring Google’s Tango augmented reality technology as well as the Daydream View technology allowing for the experience of exceptional quality, immersive virtual reality.

To enhance the user’s experience, the phone comes with native apps for augmented reality related services and features, such as certain games, Google expeditions and others.

It must be pointed out though, that the two apps which are probably of greatest interest for experts and for users are related to using AR for online shopping which are featured in this new smartphone.  These apps will enhance the online shopping experience by allowing users to actually “try” and “see” how the product of their choice will look like and feel like before purchasing it.

The Wayfair app from the Wayfair online furniture retailer allows any user with a Tango-enabled smartphone or device to actually pick and try out how a piece of furniture fits in their home or other property.  It provides an amazing four dimensional view of all products, and allows you to fit them in accordance to the actual space you have available. Also, the Wayfair app allows users to “see” the size and shape of the box which the furniture will be delivered in, so that they are prepared for the delivery, unloading, unpacking and disposal of the packaging beforehand.

The other AR -based app which is available for the users of the new ASUS smartphone is one by BMW. It allows the users to get an actual close “feel” of the car of their choice, to “test” the dials on the dashboard, change and choose the colors of the interior and exterior, and get a pretty realistic look and feel of the i3 or i5 cars offered by BMW.

How AR will affect the online shopping preferences of users worldwide

Even though these two apps are not the first time we can see how AR can be used in real life, they are a clear example for the way in which augmented reality can be implemented in the online shopping apps and enhance the consumer experience. A well-made AR shopping app will allow users to actually try on a product before they decide whether or not to make a purchase. It is expected that this will further reduce the need for visiting a store, a showroom or other actual retailer in order to make a decision and an actual purchase in the very near future. With the rapid development of technology, it can be expected that the future of online shopping will be very my AR-based due to this excellent opportunity to try a product even without leaving your home.

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