Do you have bad customers? Are you yourself a bad customer?

January 5th, 2017

Every successful online business owner knows that the key is to offer good customer service and good value to the customers. But, they also need to know that every single customer who visits the online shop is necessarily a good one. Plus, not all customer complaints about your service are your fault.

Of course, in many cases good customers have valid points when filing complaints or pointing out problems regarding the online shopping experience. It is the complaints and problems from your good and loyal customers which need to be addressed, because such attention and care for customer satisfaction can lead to the establishment of a very loyal customer base.


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Since bad customers can drain your business and time, you need to know what some telltale signs are that you are dealing with a bad customer:

They have unreasonable expectations

Normally, it is the role of the online store to set the appropriate customer expectation – for example, during the holiday season, the retailer should be able to deliver the product to the customer before December 25th, and if this is not possible, should make sure that this information is clear to the customer. Make sure you communicate this and other relevant information about your product, delivery terms, prices etc.

Unfortunately, even if you have set all the rules and made all the details regarding your online shopping services, there will be customers who will not be happy due to the unreasonable expectations they may have for your products and services.

Debatable integrity

Some customers may just be trying to trick you into getting something for free. For example, if you have e return policy which doesn’t require the customer to actually send back an inexpensive product in order to get a refund, you can be sure that some of the customers will be shopping just so that they take advantage of the offer!

Customers threatening your store and business

Some customers can start threatening to report your store or business to a consumer group or even to sue you. There are people whose only conflict resolution option is threatening a lawsuit. There is a short article in Psychology Today explaining this particular phenomenon, and the reasoning behind it.  While of course, in some cases the customer may have the full right to sue you, if you feel that these threats are exaggerated, you should stop communicating with the customer by saying something like, “let us consult with our attorney before returning to you”.

The use of foul and abusive language

However unhappy they may be with your service or products, nobody has the right to abuse or hurt your employees. There is no need to put up with such behavior. Simply ask the customer to leave or stop abusing your employees immediately.

Constantly wanting discounts

There are bad customers who are absolutely always looking to get a very special deal. These customers may be big and regular shoppers, but in the long run do the math and see whether this is actually making you a profit, or are you just handing out special deals which can actually hurt your business, or benefit other good customers instead.


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