What binds your users to your service?

July 25th, 2018

Are you losing the battle with the ever-growing competition? Are your customers turning to others because they have forgotten about the products or services you provide?


developing add-ons and extensions for browsers


With the increasing amount of content added to the World Wide Web and the growing number of online retailers and companies opening new businesses, it can be particularly difficult to stay in business and keep your customers.

Look at the bright side – the competition can make you better and can push you to improve your products, and services, to work harder and faster and to put in more thought in your business strategy.

But if you are finding it difficult to cope with the competition, BestToolBars has a pretty efficient solution of you, which will help keep your customers engaged and aware of your company’s products and services at all times.

Our solution

Thanks to our 15-year long experience with developing add-ons and extensions for browsers, we can help you keep your customers engaged, loyal and make them come back for more via a useful customized browser extension.

Over the years we have worked on over 700 projects for some of the leading companies and brands and for all kinds of companies and organizations and have developed a number of different efficient highly functional browser extensions which focus on offering and applying coupons, different cashback opportunities and helping charity, to name a few.

We can help you develop media extensions, social media add-ons, proxy server add-ons, crypto add-ons, as well as add-ons for Outlook, Calendar, and other browser extensions.

We specialize in the development of professionally designed and completed browser extensions, for all the popular browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, Safari, and Opera. Our projects are based on a single code base which can work on all browsers. This helps reduce the costs and the time for the development thanks to our Add-ons Framework.

We can create an add-on which will send your customers push notifications with all new and hot offers, time-limited promotions and other pertinent information which will attract your customers to visit your website and make a purchase.

You can also order an extension which can auto apply discount coupons when your customers are browsing for certain products or services. You will keep your customers engaged and informed of any coupons which they can use to get a discount for your products. The add-on will apply the coupon automatically once the shopper adds a product to the cart. Also, you can offer your clients many different coupons to pick from thanks to our useful browser extension.

Other services which our add-ons can offer your customers are automatic price comparisons and other useful shopping information which will help draw more of your customers back to your webpage and your online store.

By offering your clients a useful add-on or extension which they can download and install on the browser of their choice, you will ensure that you will always be in contact with them, and remind them of you and the products, discounts or other deals you offer any time when they are browsing or shopping online.


As you can see you can easily ensure that you are a step ahead of the competition with our reasonably priced and highly efficient and useful browser add-ons and extensions, which we will develop and customize in accordance with your needs.

You will soon be seeing a return on your investments and an influx of traffic and customers to your website. Plus, the number of returning and loyal customers will definitely have a positive effect on your company’s image and on your sales volumes.

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