A browser add-on will help you make more ethical choices when shopping online

October 20th, 2017

You may consider yourself a principled person who wants to lead an ethical life, in line with caring for the environment, in alignment with your moral, social and political values, but chances are that if you do some or most of your shopping online, you are not being as ethical as you want to be.


A browser add-on


There are a multitude of reasons why you should be more careful about the stores, manufacturers, brands and products you shop from if you want to have a guilt free conscious and feel good about yourself.

More about the ethical shopping plug-in project

The new project for a  browser extension called Impakt originates from New York City and has a goal of helping you choose the products and services online provided by companies which have an ethical attitude towards their workers and pay them fair wages, diversity in management and hiring, no history of political lobbying, and which are environmentally friendly and have policies and practices which do not contradict your personal political and social values.

The planned cross browser extension will soon be available for Google Chrome and for Mozilla Firefox, and promises to combine current industry reports, government data as well as news articles into a comprehensive ethics database for companies.

The developers and organization behind the extension are currently launching a fundraising Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the development of the new ethical shopping browser plugin. The goal is to raise 29,950 USD by October 13st 2017, and already things look very hopeful with the project raising 10,000 dollars in the first 24 hours of the campaign.

It will keep users duly informed in regard to the companies and products while they are doing their online shopping. It will notify users if the product or company of their choice is not in line with their political, social and ethical standards, and will offer them alternative ones which are in accordance to your beliefs and understandings about living ethically.

If for example you are interested in making an online purchase of a perfect pair of new boots, but Impakt performs its automatic research and notifies you that the manufacturer is known to exploit child labor or to cause serious negative impact and pollution on the environment, the add-on will notify you about this and can provide you with a much more ethical and environmentally friendly alternative just with one click. This search is done as soon as you pick a product and add it to your online shopping cart, so you will have time to re-consider your purchase in time.

When can we expect its release

Hopefully, the team behind this project will be able to raise the funding needed for the release of the Impakt browser add-on, and the plan is to launch it for beta testing in March 2018.

The strategist and president of Impakt Johnathan Hecht claims that the algorithm which the extension will be based on can assess companies and products with an accuracy of about 85%, and that hopefully after its release, the growing user base will help improve the algorithm and the accuracy of the results.

The team behind this unique browser plugin not only want to help consumers pay for what they find more ethically correct, but that the impact of the extension will help communicate to the companies which have problems with ethics that they have a problem and that they need to make changes in order to have better sales and attract more customers.

So, if you are interested in curbing exploitation of child labor, environmental pollution and help promote equality, make sure that you install this cross browser extension as soon as it is released!

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