A new browser extension will help curb your impulse shopping sprees

October 5th, 2017

Impulse shopping has been a thing for decades, but with the boost of online e-commerce and the ease of making purchases online be it at home or at the move via a smartphone or mobile device, the share of purchases made due to impulse shopping has surged in the last few years. An estimated $17.78 billion have been spent in the US only for impulse purchases, according to analysis done by Finder.com.


a Chrome browser extension Icebox


The shocking impulse shopping statistics

About 88.6% of the adult population of the US have shopped solely upon impulse at least once. 64% have admitted to doing at least one such purchase per month, with an average $81.45 spent per purchase.

The browser extension which will “freeze” your online shopping

Based on this research, Finder.com has released a Chrome browser extension named “Icebox” which will literally replace the “buy now” button on the top 20 leading online stores with an option to “put it on ice” instead. This clever browser plugin can help consumers who have found themselves making impulse and in many cases regretful online purchases curtail this potentially financially damaging habit.

The add-on works with leading stores, such as: eBay, Amazon, Sephora, Asos, Zappo and Macy’s among others.

The browser extension will help impulse shoppers take time for reconsidering their purchase, so that any unnecessary purchases can be avoided and money can be saved. It offers to store the items in the “Icebox” for a period of three to 30 days. The unique extension will also provide pop-up reminders for more than 400 other online stores as well.

The objective of “Icebox”

According to the management of Finder.com, 44% of the consumers experience regret after an impulse purchase they have made, so the extension has been introduced just in time in order to reduce these percentages and save more people from experiences remorse, regret as well as spending money for items which they do not really need, want or cannot afford.

The users still can make the purchase of some of the items in the extension’s “Icebox”, but usually when given more time to re-think and re-evaluate their choices and priorities, it is very likely that the useless and unnecessary items will be sieved out from the shopping list, and only the products and services which are truly essential for the person will remain on it at the end.

This money-saving browser plugin acts like a stimulus and booster for the will-power of people prone to impulse shopping, and will help give them the time necessary for making the best decision for the items and services they really need to purchase, and thus save them from losing money and from experiencing the regret which is so often associated with this kind of shopping.



The add-on also has a more global goal of helping curtail the growing problem with overconsumption in the modern society. A study revealed that in 2014 the annual production of clothing exceeded the 100 billion dollar mark for the first time.  At the same time the research done concluded that consumers today tend to keep their clothing for half as long as people did 15 years ago, which means that about 3/5 of the clothing produced each year ends up in the landfills and incinerators within a year of its purchase.

Do, given this worrisome statistics, the free Icebox extension joins forces with the growing number of advocates of the campaigns for lowering the wasteful overspending which is becoming a huge problem in the US and in the other Western countries.

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