On how browser extensions are changing our lives and our workflow

March 24th, 2017

You may not have noticed it, but browser extensions are actually changing our workflow and how we work in general.  One useful app can save you from the arduous task of having to open multiple browser tabs and perform a wide variety of operation for one simple job.  Since 2015, when the popularity of browser extensions began increasing and the trust of users in these extensions was restored, their numbers and variations have increased immensely.


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The reasons for the increasing popularity of browser extensions

More and more companies from the tiniest new ones to the leading world tech companies are developing their own browser extensions to make working easier. There are browser extensions which will help you write better e-mails, and for improving your internet experience.

Overall, browser extensions have become an important element and factor in our daily life and work. There are thousands and thousands of them offering assistance for various tasks, such as learning, ad blocking, shopping, social network notifications and sharing, ad blocking etc.

Today, you can download and install browser extensions for just about anything, including some fun ones, such as an extension which will block any content and news about someone you don’t like, like Kim Kardashian or President Trump, for example.

If you use the simple gmail web app, you may have noticed the hundreds of various options for extending its functionality are, such as easy e-mail tracking, grammar checking, scheduling meetings, sales automation, etc.

Cross browser extensions – the latest tendency in add on development

With the growing popularity of browser extensions comes the need for efficient and easy development of cross browser extensions, so that more people can download and use them, no matter which browser they work with. The leading browsers have started providing developers with strongly convergent APIS to make the development of such universal cross-browser applications easier.

Now that the world has become app-centric, with the growing use of smart mobile phones and devices as well as the increasing popularity of browser extensions of all types, it is crucial for vendors, companies and other businesses to be able to offer their employees, customers, partners and other parties useful extensions to improve their experience. The more compatible these extensions are with different browsers – the more people will have access to downloading and using them.

There are experts who offer to develop your cross browser extensions, and there are platforms which can help developers make these extensions compatible wht the different browsers faster and easier.  For example, Besttoolbars offer their Cross browser extensions framework ,as well as the development of extensions compatible with the most popular internet browsers too.

To be able to make it through the increasing competition, browser extensions need to be well made, easy to use, useful and error-free, so that more users choose to use them. Along with mobile apps, it is crucial that the extensions are made in a professional and intuitive manner, so that users will choose to keep them and actually use them. This is why hiring professionals with experience in the development of cross browser extensions is a decisive factor if you want to make a successful and popular app or extension.

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