The best browser extensions to make the most of Prime Day at Amazon

July 11th, 2017

Amazon Prime shoppers have been looking forward to the third annual “Prime Day”, which offers amazing new deals for thousands of Amazon’s products and items every 5 minutes, and runs for a whopping 30 hours starting on July 11th.


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What is Prime Day?

Amazon once again promised its Prime customers better and more deals then on Black Friday, and it looks like the e-commerce giant kept its promise this year too! Whilst this global shopping event is open only to Prime members of Amazon (those who spend $99 a year, or at least $10.99 per month and have signed up for a Prime membership), there are options to registering for a free trial, or to get access if you are a student with an .edu address.

The Prime day event last year was the biggest day for Amazon ever with an estimated 525$ million earned from sales for the day.

Why use browser extensions for Prime Day?

The problem with this special event is that users are faced with the impossible task to keep a close eye on all the deals which keep getting updated every 5 minutes, and include thousands of different products.

Thankfully for the Prime Members and other customers, there are shopping browser extensions which can help spot the real deals, as well as point out which deals are actually good and which aren’t.

Here are some of the useful browser ad ons to help you get the best deals this Prime Day:

  1. CamelCamelCamel

This is one of the best known shopping browser extensions which provides Amazon users with reliable and quick price history information regarding any item in the product list. It also has the option of creating price alerts for products of your choice, and will notify you immediately if the prices of an item you are interested it drops. It is a must have add on for Prime Day!

  1. Honey

This browser add on is not specifically developed and dedicated to Amazon, but it is another very useful tool which will help you manage and monitor the best deals on Prime Day. Honey is available for Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera. It too will provide you with price history information for any product you choose from Amazon. Plus, it will compare the prices for the same item offered by different online stores, and will help you find the one which has the best price for the product of your choice.

  1. Other useful browser extensions

If you want other useful tools and add ons which will help you get the most out of Amazon’s Prime Day, you can try out one of the following:

  • Keepa – an add on which will help you keep track of the price of a product of your choice on Amazon.
  • SliceWatch – an extension which you can use to watch and track the prices of a certain item in many different online stores.
  • ShopSavy – use this browser extension to compare the prices of the same product or group of items sold in Amazon and by other online retailers.
  • FakeSpot is a handy browser add on which can help you identify any fake product reviews which are not uncommon for Amazon.
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