Browser extensions which will help you save actual cash

August 28th, 2017

Instead of relying solely on those discount barcode scanning apps, and on your coupon clippings for the next best deal, you should consider downloading and using one or more of the incredibly useful bargain-hunting and cashback extensions created for your favorite Internet browser too.


cashback extensions


Here are four of the top picks which you should definitely try out in order to enhance your online shopping experience and ensure that you get the best deal available next time when using your computer for online purchases:

  1. Honey

Browser extensions Honey


This shopping browser extension will search for all discount coupon codes for any kind of product or service you have picked online. Don’t waste any more time and energy for performing a separate search for coupons for the product of your choice – simply let Honey do it automatically for you before you complete your next online order.

Honey also offers to find the best price for any product on Amazon, and will also help users get some of their money spend online back with the cashback function called “HoneyGold.” All you need to do is click on the “get bonus” option once you have completed your online purchase, and you will get a chance to receive up to 100% of your money back via a surprise bonus.

Honey is cross-browser compatible, so you can use this excellent shopping and cashback plug in with Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and Firefox.


  1. Ebates Cashback Button

Browser extensions Ebates Cashback Button

This cashback browser extension will help users receive some of the money they spend on online purchases back in the form of cashback. You can activate the cashback option to function automatically on different store websites, after which you be able to apply for a cashback as well as for the automatic search and application of the best discount coupons for each and every product or service you have ordered online. The cashback percentage provided by Ebates is not a surprise bonus like the one offered by Honey. Rather, you will receive information about the cashback percentages provided by the various online stores, so that you know exactly how much money you can save and get back when you are doing your online shopping.  The percentages offered tend to rotate in time, so one day a store may offer a 5% cashback while on others the percentage can be significantly higher.


  1. Goodshop Fetch

Browser extensions Goodshop Fetch

This browser extension offers discount coupon and cashback functions but with a philanthropic twist. Users can choose which charity to support with part of the cashback money won back through this extension. Goodshop offers users automatic coupon application for online purchases, and a percentage of the money saved from the deal will automatically be transferred to the charity of their choice. This extension works with Chrome, Safari and Firefox.


  1. Slice Watch

Browser extensions Slice Watch

This handy browser add on will watch and trace the prices of the products and services of your interest for you, and will notify you when the prices drop in certain online stores. This means that you are guaranteed to get the best deal possible by simply searching for an item which you want monitored and let Slice Watch do the tracking for you. Once the price drops you will receive immediate notification. This extension can be used with Google Chrome.


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