The browser plugins which will really help you make money while shopping

October 5th, 2017

If you are like the majority of consumers, you will always feel fulfilled when you know that you have found the best deal, and have taken advantage of all discounts, coupons and other promotions when purchasing the items of your choice. Thankfully, in the day and age of the boost of online and mobile shopping, there are numerous ways to ensure that you get just that each time you buy something online. Even better, now you don’t need to spend hours and sleepless nights surfing the Internet in order to compare and find the best prices and deals, as well as any applicable coupons for the item or service you want to buy.


browser plugins


There are numerous reliable and truly useful browser coupon extensions and mobile apps which will help you find the best prices, notify you about the current deals, as well as search for applicable coupons for your purchase as you shop.

Here are some of the cashback and e-commerce browser plugins which you definitely should try out if you want to rest assure and be certain that you have found the best deal as you buy things online:


Honey browser plugins


Rated by users with 5 stars in the Google Chrome extension store, this extension seems to be one of the top rated and preferred coupon searching and online shopping add-ons for Chrome and Firefox.

But does it really work?

Yes, if you download and install the extension, the Honey button will appear on the product page each time there is a deal you can take advantage for. Also, Honey will notify you if a product or service of your choice is available at a lower price at another online store. Plus, this add-on will automatically search for and apply a discount coupon code for the item of your choice at checkout. It is truly a money and time saving extension which Chrome and Firefox users should definitely take advantage of.

Invisible Hand

Invisible Hand browser plugins


This useful browser extension for people looking for the best online deals is available for Chrome, Safari and Firefox. The Invisible Hand plugin will discretely point out if there are stores offering the product or service of your choice at a lower price. It will also automatically look for any promotional coupon codes for the items you have picked online. Although it still doesn’t work with some online stores, such as the leader Amazon, it is definitely a handy tool which can help you effortlessly save some money when shopping online.

Slice Watch

Slice Watch browser plugins

This Chrome extension will help you keep track of all purchases you make online, and will also provide you with a very useful feature of price watching for any products or services you are interested in. You can add the items you want to be notified about, and each time the price drops for any of them, you will receive a timely e-mail notification about the deal. This add-on will provide you with price comparison information as you shop, so it is definitely one to install and use if you never want to miss a deal again.

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