Cash Back apps you need to download and use right away

September 28th, 2016

If you are one of the millions of people who choose to use their smartphones or other mobile devices to do their shopping, you should definitely try out one or more of the available cashback and rebates apps for mobile devices.  They are usually easy and hassle-free to use, and get you some serious discounts, gift cards, or actually get some of the money you spent back.


cashback and rebates apps for mobile devices

Here are some of the types of cashback mobile apps which you should try out:

  • Apps which offer a percentage of the sum from shopping through the mobile app. These Cash Back apps actually allow you to earn some of your spent cash back. You can also win gift cards, rewards as well as rebates for shopping. Some of the most famous mobile apps from the shopping type are: Perk, iBotta, Receipt Hog and Shopkick, to mention just a few.
  • Mobile apps which allow you to win money by reviewing other apps, videos, games, media inputs or others. Some of the apps which offer this money making opportunity are: AppTrailers, Mobile Rewards and FeaturePoints.
  • Apps for small odd jobs. There are a number of mobile apps which offer opportunities to make a few bucks for performing an odd job nearby. The pay depends on the complexity of the job, but usually the jobs are quite simple. Some of the most common odd jobs you may be required to do include: app testing, checking the placement of certain products in a store, shopping and others. Some of the apps you can check out for this type of earning opportunity are: Gigwalk, EasyShift or Field Agent.
  • Direct advertising apps. These mobile apps will give you some money for allowing for an advertisement to be displayed each time you unlock your phone. Some of the apps which do that are: SlideJoy, ScreenPay and Locket. Jingit app attaches ads to your Facebook page, and you can earn some money depending on the number of clicks the ad receives.
  • Apps which provide the option for providing your opinion for various opinion polls and earning money. The polls may be in regard to politics, trends, social media and others. Some of the apps which offer this type of money earning opportunity are: i-Say, Surveys on the Go and
  • Contest apps. These mobile apps allow you to earn cash by predicting games and matches in various sports. The longer the streak of the correct predictions you make, the more money you can earn. ESPN’s Streak for the Cash app is one such app you can try out.



Some warnings regarding the cashback apps

Beware that if you stumble upon a cashback app or another app offering to help you earn some money, you should first research the developer or the company behind it. Find any reviews and look for negative opinions too. It is always advisable to pick the apps from well-known and reputable companies, in order to be on the safe side. If you find one or two apps which can help you earn a little bit of money on the side, you can actually cover part of your mobile phone bill.

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