How cashback apps and websites can help us actually make money

October 7th, 2016

Brexit, the financial crisis, the increasing living costs and the rising inflation in the UK has caused more households to be much more careful with their finances. This has forced people to start looking for ways to save money by using different means of cutting the costs for products and services.

This is one of the reasons why cashback websites are becoming more popular in the UK, and not only there.


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Cashback websites, as well as cashback apps and browser add ons offer the users to get back some of their money for various online purchases they make. There are cashback offers not only for grocery and other shopping but for purchasing online tickets and paying your bills as well.  You can get an attractive cashback offer for booking your online holiday for example.

How cashback works?

To save money from cashback, all you need to do is use the cashback website or the cashback app to do your shopping, instead of using a normal e-store.  The good cashback websites and apps offer a choice of thousands of products by thousands of merchants. The transactions are the same as when you purchase anything online from your preferred online store directly from the retailer.  The difference is that a cut of the money you pay will be transferred to your cashback account.

The merchant pays the cashback site a commission for referring you to them. As a result, you get a cut from this commission. The problem with this scheme, is that it can take up to 6 months for this transaction from the merchant to the cashback site and then to your account to be completed, especially for more complex services, such as booking a holiday or using a financial service.

The cashback offers differ, and can range from 1% of the price to £100 from the sum you pay. If you have coupon codes for the specific merchant, the price can become even lower.

On average, regular users of TopCashback in the UK make about £325 a year from cashback deals and those who prefer Quidco make around £280 for a year.

How to actually use the cashback apps and sites

  • You need to create an account – this is usually free in most cashback websites and apps
  • Download the mobile app for even easier use
  • Sign in
  • Perform a search for the retailer of your choice or for the specific product you are looking for.
  • Click on the link to see all the cashback offers for the products of the retailer of your choice
  • Start shopping. The process is the same as when buying directly from the retailer, only this time you will getting some of that money back.
  • Check your account. Although it can take days and even months for your cashback to be transferred to your account, you should remember to check your account from time to time and withdraw your cash whenever it reaches the minimum required for withdrawal.


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