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Expected trends for the online sales volumes and e-commerce results for Q4 of 2017

eCommerce Marketing Trends
There is no need to be a marketing expert to conclude that this year’s holiday online sales will be bigger than last year’s. The boost of e-commerce is constantly growing which means that the online purchases made during the upcoming holidays will definitely reach new heights this year.     Here are some of the e-commerce trends to expect by the end of 2017: The share of online retail shares will reach their highest levels in the last quarter of 2017 This is an annual trend which has been going on for more than…

The boost of e-commerce is affecting the technological developments in logistics

e-commerce applications
The increasing importance and growth of e-commerce has led to multiple developments and changes in the trade business, but nowhere has its impact shown to be greater than in the logistics industry. With the boost of the popularity of online shopping, the expectations of the consumers worldwide have been growing as well. Today, consumers expect to order the product of their choice quickly, with one single click and to receive it in a couple of hours or a day at the most.     These expectations have led to the application of a…

Don’t miss a single deal this Black Friday with these apps and extensions

browser extensions
Don’t miss a single deal this Black Friday with these apps and extensions Even though Black Friday is around the corner and you may think that you have taken all measures and done all your research and preparations to get your hands on the best possible deals this year, there are some additional steps which you can take in order to ensure that you succeed to get the goods you like before the millions of other online customers who are expected to shop excessively and actively during this shopping holiday.     Here are some…

Amazon’s quest for winning over the largest shares of sales this Black Friday

mobile app for iOS
On November 1st, Amazon launched its official countdown to the much expected Black Friday of 2017. The online retail giant introduced its updated mobile app for iOS which includes a fascinating holiday shopping feature called “AR View”.     Amazon’s AR View App It is based on the ARKit of Apple, and has been developed in order to allow customers to “visualize” various products by virtually placing them around their home or other property. This augmented reality function is already been offered by other innovative retailers such as IKEA and…

How to get a share of the multi-billion e-commerce profit – tips for better conversions

mobile shopping app
Statistics show that more the 1 billion of the 4 billion internet users worldwide are shopping online in 2017, and the forecasts are that the revenues from e-commerce will hit the $4 trillion mark by 2020.  This tendency is a clear sign that small and big businesses need to consider e-commerce to become their forefront, if they want to get a share of the growing profits from internet commerce.     But doing this is not a simple task. Existing business owners and new businesses need to put in some extra planning,…

How to make the most of social media for your marketing purposes

social media for your marketing purposes
Given the growing impact of social media on people’s lives, it is not surprising that more organizations turn to social media marketing as their main source for reaching out to their target audience and for marketing their products and services. This is the case for promoting mobile apps as well.     Whether you have worked closely with professional mobile app developers or have taken the time to develop your own mobile app, you need to take efficient actions to promote it and to convince more users to…

A browser add-on will help you make more ethical choices when shopping online

A browser add-on
You may consider yourself a principled person who wants to lead an ethical life, in line with caring for the environment, in alignment with your moral, social and political values, but chances are that if you do some or most of your shopping online, you are not being as ethical as you want to be.     There are a multitude of reasons why you should be more careful about the stores, manufacturers, brands and products you shop from if you want to have a guilt free conscious and feel good about…

Guidelines for succeeding with your latest e-commerce business idea

Cross Browser Extension Framework
E-commerce is the thing of the future according to all statistics and the forecasts by experts. Online shopping may even surpass the rate of brick and mortar shopping in the upcoming years. Even though the market is already filled with online entrepreneurs – some giant and other small, there is still a place for budding new e-commerce enthusiasts and professionals.     If you have a brilliant idea for an online business which you are sure that will make you millions of dollars, and you have found a way to provide…

Can mobile shopping really kill the brick and mortar retail?

mobile platform and app developers
Even though it is much more likely that your reading or video viewing experience will be much better on a big screen, and that the sound quality of your phone calls will be much better if you use a landline, chances are – you are one of the billions of users who tends to use their smartphone for most or all of your online experiences and for most of your everyday tasks instead. Experts claim though that the smartphone shopping experience can be able to surpass the actual brick and mortar shopping in the near future. This is one…

How to succeed in the e-commerce war with the online retail giants

developing extensions
Even though the two leading online commerce giants: Amazon and Alibaba may seem to have overtaken the Internet shopping market, statistics and forecasts by experts show that smaller online retailers and start-ups stand a serious chance of winning over customers of their own as well. The question is – how do you outsmart the giants, and how to successfully sell your products or services online and attract more customers who actually go ahead and order?     How the concept of “mass market” has been changing in the last decade In order to understand and…
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