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How to decrease expenses on Google AdWords and SEO for e-commerce businesses?

SERP Injection
Do you find that your spending on SEO and for advertisements is not paying back through sufficient conversions?   Having SEO and using Google AdWords and other online advertising strategies is essential if you want to increase your website traffic from organic searches. Since Google holds the lion’s share of the profitable traffic, you need to invest in a strategy which will improve your search engine ranking. Unfortunately, in some cases, the SEO may not be as efficient, and your ads may not be reaching the audience you are targeting due to mistakes in…

Programmatic advertising as a vector of improvement

programmatic advertising
Programmatic advertising is the fastest growing channel in the digital industry and is already dominating the market. Spending on programmatic ads is expected to reach $60 billion in 2018.   So, what exactly is programmatic advertising In simple terms, this is the process of using technology for buying and selling ad inventory via a data-driven, automated procedure and represents most types of online ad spaces including native and display ads, mobile and video. The use of software for buying and selling digital advertising has replaced the traditional methods which include tenders, requests for…

The latest trends which are shaping the future of e-commerce and internet marketing

E-commerce applications
With the latest tendencies of marketing budgets shrinking and the huge media landscape evolution, the job has never been tougher for marketers who are expected to do much more for less.  The marketing playground has expanded for both customers and brands. With the digital advancements causing a change in the media world and shifting customer behavior and rewriting marketing rules, it is essential for marketers to keep an eye on the latest tendencies.     Here are some of the leading trends in 2018 which are crucial for the re-shaping of marketing and e-commerce. The boost…

CPA, CPC, CPV. Which is more effective

When to use CPC
Not sure which pricing model for your marketing campaign will be most effective?     Here are the differences between CPA, CPC and CPV: CPC This stands for Cost per Click which basically means that the advertiser pays per each click on their ad. Advantages of CPC for publishers The return on investment when using CPC is more measurable than using CPM (cost per mile), and more data can be collected with CPC for selling ads by tracking the average click-through rates, which is the number of clicks per ad divided by the total…

The 6 fundamental factors for a successful e-commerce business

e-commerce business
With the fierce competition in the world of e-commerce, it is essential for old and new online retail companies to pay special attention to the following fundamental factors which will help keep them afloat, succeed and prosper in the e-commerce business: Branding Branding is no doubt the most important factor when it comes to e-commerce. Branding is the basis of the emotional connection you have with your audience. This connection is what attracts more customers and enables sales. You want to plan and act on an effective branding strategy in order to build and foster customer loyalty and a…

Startups as a way to start e-commerce business

develop a mobile app
Online business is overtaking the world of commerce, and even though the market is boosting and the internet retail giants have comfortably settled in, there are still ways to enter the world of e-commerce as a startup. More people have come to the realization that starting their own online retail business is a great way to earn money for themselves instead of working for others. Still, running an online store can quickly become quite complicated and out of hand if you are new to e-commerce and do not plan properly.     Here…

Content Marketing for Ecommerce

Content Marketing for Ecommerce
People often think of content marketing as an endless and tiresome process of writing thousands and thousands of words for a blog or website, but actually content marketing is an intriguing and essential element of modern e-commerce.     If an online business manages to implement effective content marketing for its website and social media presence, this naturally increases the site traffic and gains organic search rankings thus raising brand awareness and improving sales. Also, good quality and interesting content inevitably leads to getting linked by others and thus helps drive referral…

Landing Page Secrets Used by Ecommerce companies

Landing Page by Ecommerce companies
There is no doubt that the landing page is possibly one of the most essential components of online marketing. It is no wonder that e-commerce companies are spending a lot of time, money and effort in creating the perfect landing pages for their e-mail, social media or search engine marketing campaigns, because it is where conversion to sales or to leads is expected to occur.     Here are some top-secret tricks which ecommerce businesses use for creating the perfect and most efficient landing page which their visitors will…

Affiliate Marketing: Key to Ecommerce Revenue Growth

E commerce – Search Engines, SERP Injection
Affiliate marketing was once considered a tool for driving consumers to the actual sales event, but today it is becoming more than clear that it is also a powerful channel for consumer discovery which leads to incremental sales and improved brand engagement as well as impressive returns on investments (ROI). This is why it is safe to say that affiliate marketing is key to e-commerce development and revenue growth.     Surveys made by Rakuten Affiliate Network have shown that almost 90% of all advertisers asked considered…

High-end technologies in e-commerce (drones, VR, etc.)

High-end technologies
Brick and mortar sales and results reached their lowest point in 2017. Nearly 7,000 stores across the US closed up last year, which is 200% more than in 2016. The main reason for this new worst record is that brick and mortar stores can no longer meet the demands and needs of their customers who are empowered by a growing choice of new technologies and easy access to any kind of products and services they need online.     For retailers and brands which are looking for ways to survive and increase their…
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