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Guidelines for succeeding with your latest e-commerce business idea

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E-commerce is the thing of the future according to all statistics and the forecasts by experts. Online shopping may even surpass the rate of brick and mortar shopping in the upcoming years. Even though the market is already filled with online entrepreneurs – some giant and other small, there is still a place for budding new e-commerce enthusiasts and professionals.     If you have a brilliant idea for an online business which you are sure that will make you millions of dollars, and you have found a way to provide…

Can mobile shopping really kill the brick and mortar retail?

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Even though it is much more likely that your reading or video viewing experience will be much better on a big screen, and that the sound quality of your phone calls will be much better if you use a landline, chances are – you are one of the billions of users who tends to use their smartphone for most or all of your online experiences and for most of your everyday tasks instead. Experts claim though that the smartphone shopping experience can be able to surpass the actual brick and mortar shopping in the near future. This is one…

How to succeed in the e-commerce war with the online retail giants

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Even though the two leading online commerce giants: Amazon and Alibaba may seem to have overtaken the Internet shopping market, statistics and forecasts by experts show that smaller online retailers and start-ups stand a serious chance of winning over customers of their own as well. The question is – how do you outsmart the giants, and how to successfully sell your products or services online and attract more customers who actually go ahead and order?     How the concept of “mass market” has been changing in the last decade In order to understand and…

Augmented reality could be decisive for the future of online shopping

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More tech and e-commerce experts are claiming that augmented reality could be the key to the future of online commerce. Now that it is pretty clear that the online shopping apps are prevailing and about to “kill” the brick and mortar stores and shopping malls, the interest and planning of improving user experience and attracting new customers to download and use a shopping app is becoming a key focal point of both retailers and professional mobile shopping app developers worldwide.     Devices with augmented reality features are already changing the…

The must have apps you need to use for improving you Shopify online sales

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Shopify has become a true e-commerce phenomenon in the last several years. This online shopping platform allows for easy and hassle free e-commerce business, and today has more than 400,000 active stores. The Shopify platform offers both free and premium plugins to help online retailers customize their online stores in order to find more customers and boost their sales.     Today, the internet company has more than 2,000 employees located in five offices across America. Thankfully for the customers who use this platform to make their purchases, as well as for…

How e-commerce is changing our wallets and the way we pay for purchases

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The boost of e-commerce is affecting not only the ratio of online sales and brick and mortar retail store sales, it is affecting the jobs of people in retail and is also having an effect on the payment methods used and on our wallets too. More consumers are choosing the faster and easier option of shopping online, and according to experts this will lead to the decrease of the overall use of credit cards as well.     Co-branded retail credit cards Since, the customers are choosing to purchase products online from e-commerce…

How e-commerce is transferring to social media as a main marketing resource

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The definition of e-commerce has been changing gradually in the last few years. When e-commerce is mentioned, the majority of the people think of it as the online stores which are developed in order to supplement the existing stores of manufacturers and retailers. But today, more online commerce is being done by third-party websites and social platforms instead.     The role of Facebook in the evolution of e-commerce Facebook, for example, is a platform which has been used by a growing number of business owners for performing and boosting online sales. Facebook itself is…

The rise of conversational commerce in the online shopping business

The rise of conversational commerce
With the growing expectations of online customers, and the increasing competition between e-commerce websites and services, it is necessary for online retailers to further develop the options and services provided in order to attract and keep more customers. One tendency is the growing demand for more visual, written, vocal and predictive capabilities of the personalized extensions, apps and widgets of the retailers and the various brands offering their products online.     A survey ordered by Nuance Communications shows that most consumers would prefer to make shopping faster and…

The types of online payment integration for e-commerce owners

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When opening an online store, you should keep in mind the possible e-commerce online payment integration options you can add, to make the store easier to use, more popular and successful, because they will allow for safe, easy and secure payment and checkout. You can choose one or more of the three options, including: a browser plugin, a payment checkout page or add a full API integration to your online shop.     Here is some more detailed information regarding the 3 options for e-commerce payment integration: The shopping browser extensions A shopping

Why more consumers prefer online stores with augmented reality functionality and options

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Although most people associate Augmented Reality (AR) with Pokémon GO, more leading retail stores and brands are beginning to use AR to enhance the customers experience when shopping online.     Even though online shopping is growing in popularity, retailers still face some challenges in winning over customers and scoring more sales, because a large majority of the consumers still prefer to be able to actually see, feel or try out a product before actually buying it. This is the cause for many customers exiting the online stores without making a…
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