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There is a Firefox extension which can help you control what you share with Facebook

Firefox extension which Facebook
With the hysteria surrounding the scandal with Facebook and the use of personal data accumulated by the social media network for wrongful purposes by Cambridge Analytica, it is not surprising that the #DeleteFacebook movement is gaining momentum.     If you are one of the billions of users who use Facebook every day for communicating with your friends and relatives or for business and advertising purposes you may not be ready to completely get rid of your Facebook profile and stop using the most popular social media in the world. Thankfully, there are…

Toolbars, extensions, what’s next

Browser extensions
With the rapidly developing technology and the growing use of the internet for all kinds of purposes, it is not surprising that the demand for faster, and more intuitive and useful web-based tools is growing.     Browser extensions and toolbars are still very much in use, due to the fact that they are great for expanding the capabilities of the internet browser and provide valuable and timely services, information or other services to the users while browsing the web. There are some other tendencies which are expected to become more influential in…

How and why you should use push notifications for your e-commerce business

push notifications
Wondering what the fuss is about the importance of push notifications for e-commerce? These notifications which are clickable messages sent to the subscribers of a website work just like mobile app notifications.     Here is why your e-commerce business should implement push notifications for your website Web based and mobile app based push notifications are one of the most essential communication channels for any type of e-commerce business, along with e-mail, text messaging and social media. E-commerce organizations need to use these channels in order to reach out to their customers,…

Google Chrome has started filtering out ads – how will this affect you?

browser extensions
The long awaited launch of the ad filtering feature by Google Chrome has finally been released this week. Google’s war on the annoying and bad ads has begun, and users and businesses are wondering how this will affect them.     The newly rolled-out feature is already blocking all those annoying pop-ups and those noisy video auto-play ads as well as the hated large ads which stay stuck on the screens as you are scrolling down. The reasoning behind this move by the company which controls almost a third of the entire global digital ad…

The must-have Google Chrome security related browser extensions

Google Chrome security related browser extensions
With the latest worrying news about certain safety issues and malicious attacks of the Google Chrome Browser through various extensions or other security problems, there is no doubt that if you are one of the millions Chrome users, you should be taking all the necessary precautions in order to ensure that your personal data and other sensitive information is secure.     Even though Chrome has a highly efficient scanning function for all extensions you want to download and install to the browser which will alert you immediately if…

Easy ways to tell whether a Google Chrome extension is real or not

Google Chrome extension
Google Chrome is the most popular internet browser in the world with millions of people using it on a daily basis and on all kinds of devices. If you are one of them, you are most likely using one or more internet browser extensions along with it as well. Good browser extensions add useful functions and make our lives easier.     The problem is that as with other software, there have been reports of false or malicious extensions available for Google Chrome as well. Here are some tips on how to…

The function of browser extensions, add-ons, plugins and how to increase their popularity

browser extensions
Ever since 1999 when Microsoft introduced the first browser extensions for its Internet Explorer 5, browser plugins and extensions have been growing in popularity and today the other internet browsers have followed Microsoft’s initiative and support numerous types of add-ons developed to enhance and extend the functionality of the leading web browsers, such as: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and others.     The terms used for these clever software additions to your browser are: extension, plug-in or add-on. There is a slight difference between these terms, for example: a plugin cannot make…

13 months after its release, Microsoft Edge now has over 70 browser extensions

Microsoft Edge browser extensions
Microsoft’s latest  Edge browser doesn’t have the extensive number and variety of browser plugins available which the other popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and others provide for their users, but the company has meticulously been working for the continuous improvement of the capabilities and usefulness of the add-ons which it offers its users.   Celebrating an anniversary from the introduction of its Edge browser, Microsoft has been providing more extensive information in regard to the over 70 browser extensions it has available for its users, and…

Over 37,000 Google Chrome users have downloaded a phony AdBlock extension

phony AdBlock extension
Some worrisome news has surfaced in regard to the cyber security of tens of thousands of Google Chrome browser users recently. It turns out that up until just a few days ago, a phony Chrome extension available at Google Chrome web store which has been already downloaded by more than 37,000 users has put into danger their personal data and online security. The browser add-on mimics the popular add blocking browser extension AdBlock Plus, according to the anonymous Twitter account named @SwiftOnSecurity.     The question remains about how Google has…

A new browser extension will help curb your impulse shopping sprees

a Chrome browser extension Icebox
Impulse shopping has been a thing for decades, but with the boost of online e-commerce and the ease of making purchases online be it at home or at the move via a smartphone or mobile device, the share of purchases made due to impulse shopping has surged in the last few years. An estimated $17.78 billion have been spent in the US only for impulse purchases, according to analysis done by     The shocking impulse shopping statistics About 88.6% of the adult population of the US have shopped…
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