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Which Google Chrome extensions you need to download right away

Google Chrome extensions
Even though more developers are using various tools, such as the Cross Browser Extension Framework offered by Besttoolbars to create browser extensions which can easily be accessed and used along with the different popular internet browsers, the majority of the users in the US and most marts of the world are inclined to prefer Google Chrome for their internet browsing experience. Statistics show that 60% of the market share in 2017 is dominated by chrome browser users and extensions, as compared to the 22% of those who prefer Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Edge.  

Which Chrome browser extensions are absolutely indispensable

Chrome browser extensions
Given that Chrome is the most popular and widely used Internet browser in the world, chances are that you are using it too, and that you love it, or at least are happy about it.     You may like it as it is, but keep in mind that however good a browser Chrome is, it can become quite messy and boring with adding the best browser extensions to enhance its performance and functionality! If you haven’t installed any add ons, now is the time to find out which browser extensions for…

Choose the best and safest VPN add ons for a better and safer browsing experience

browser extensions
Worried about your privacy online?  You are not alone. The fact is that there is growing concern of the internet users around the world in regard to their privacy and the possibility of their browser traffic being accessed and monitored. This is why, VPN services, and namely the various VPN browser extensions have become so popular in the last few years.     What do the VPN services offer VPN services allow for secure encryption of the Wi-Fi connection, as well as hiding your identity behind a new IP, which can allow you to…

Get an easy to use cross browser bookmarks and favorites manager for Windows

Cross Browser Extension Network
Do you frequently switch from using your computer at work to your home PC, and then to your smartphone and other mobile devices? You probably feel a bit frustrated about needing to switch back and forth in order to find those favorites you saved on your other device, or want quick access to the stories you have bookmarked to read later. Well, more apps and browser extensions are being developed in a way which allows them to be compatible with the different popular browsers people tend to use on different devices and operating systems.  

The best browser extensions to make the most of Prime Day at Amazon

best browser extensions
Amazon Prime shoppers have been looking forward to the third annual “Prime Day”, which offers amazing new deals for thousands of Amazon’s products and items every 5 minutes, and runs for a whopping 30 hours starting on July 11th.     What is Prime Day? Amazon once again promised its Prime customers better and more deals then on Black Friday, and it looks like the e-commerce giant kept its promise this year too! Whilst this global shopping event is open only to Prime members of Amazon (those who spend $99 a year,…

Mozilla has introduced its own WebExtensions API for developing Cross-Browser Extensions

developing Cross-Browser Extensions
Just recently, Mozilla announced the release of its own new WebExtensions API to simplify the development of web browser extensions for Firefox.  Credentials have been given to the API for Google Chrome extensions as the inspiration for this new tool. Hopes are that the Mozilla API will soon become standardized too.     What is the objective of the new WebExtensions API? The new tool utilizes HTML, JavaScript and CSS and will allow for an extension with a single code base to be used by numerous Internet browsers. Currently, it supports Firefox, Opera…

Techniques for force installing incompatible extensions in Firefox

extensions in Firefox
Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are definitely the two most popular web browsers at the moment. It comes to no surprise that there is a vast amount and variety of free browser extensions which can be installed and used with these browsers to improve their performance and functionality, and to make the user experience much easier and satisfying.     While more web developers are working on making the add-ons compatible with the different web browsers, by using special instruments, such as the Cross Browser Extension Framework offered by Besttoolbars, there are…

Some of the most useful cross browser extensions which you should try out today

most useful cross browser extensions
Browser extensions are used for enhanced productivity, easier work and for higher online security, as well as for a variety of other reasons by a growing number of users around the world. Extensions make the integration with other services we need and use seamless and more convenient. They also extend the capabilities of the Internet browser of your choice.     True Google Chrome is the most popular browser, but there are Internet users who prefer to use other alternative browsers, such as: Mozilla Firefox and Opera as well. This is…

How the development of role-based apps for employees can improve the performance and workflow

role-based apps for employees
The development of mobile aps for customers is becoming increasingly popular among all kinds of organizations, and some of them have been evolving and been upgraded several times already, so that they reach a “mature” level of usefulness and ease of use, which all organizations want.     The tendency for organizations developing mobile apps for their employees though doesn’t seem to be going through such a rapid evolution. This means that it is not uncommon practice of employees having to use a multitude of mobile apps in order to perform…

How to develop a browser extension which is compatible with all of the most popular browsers

How to develop a browser extension
The growing competition between the leading internet browsers has led to the development of better, more intuitive and error free functionalities, and to the development of various browser plugins which is a huge improvement for users around the world. At the same time, this rapid development is making the lives and jobs of the developers much more difficult, as they have to be able to create browser extensions and apps which meet the growing expectations of these users for easy to use, useful, safe and simple extensions and apps.  
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