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The reasons why developing a mobile app should be a top priority for developers in 2018

developing a mobile app
The increasing dependence on and use of smartphones on a global level has now made it essential for IT companies and web development companies to prioritize mastering the art of mobile app development as soon as possible.     In the competitive and constantly moving business of development being able to keep up with the latest trends is crucial. The fact that cutting edge technologies are being introduced almost every day is what attracts people in the industry of development, but this means constantly learning new programming skills and constantly following the…

Common myths about mobile app development – a closer look

mobile app development
With the boost in the popularity of smartphone and smart device use, it is not surprising that we have been bombarded with hundreds of new mobile apps on a daily basis. Unfortunately, there are some common myths regarding mobile app development which many users and potential customers tend to believe.     Here are some of the most popular ones which we would like to explore and resolve once and for all: The development of a mobile app is extremely complicated and costs a lot The truth is that the money you will pay for…

What to expect in mobile software and hardware developments in 2018

mobile software and hardware developments
At the beginning of 2018 it is becoming ever so obvious that smartphones are becoming an inseparable part of our lives, and are now considered by some as their “natural continuation.”     The increasing dependence on smartphones for communication, data search and for various services and purchases means that in 2018 we can expect further technological developments in both software and hardware for smartphones and other smart devices. The tendencies are that several tech trends will be predominant this year when it comes to mobile app development and smartphone hardware…

How to make your home smarter – our top picks of smart gadgets for 2018

mobile app
You must have noticed how your home is becoming smarter than ever with the introduction of the wide variety of smart home products on the market. Today there are thousands of different smart tools and gadgets which you can use for controlling various objects in your home, including the thermostat, lighting, your fridge and even your crock pot via an Android or iOS app.     The most common way to control the smart devices in your home is via one of the leading voice assistants available from Google, Apple and Amazon. Amazon’s Alexa…

Mobile apps which will help you save and even earn some money

the professional development of a mobile app
With the influx of mobile app development and usage worldwide, very few people remain skeptical about the need to invest the time and money into the professional development of a mobile app for their business or for a new idea they have in order for it to become successful.   At the same time a growing number of people with smartphones and smart devices are becoming more and more dependable on various mobile apps which they download and use on a daily basis. Fewer people though…

The latest trends in mobile app development to keep in mind

mobile app development
With the rapid developments in the area of mobile app development, developers are getting used to constantly needing to change and shift in order to stay in line with the latest tendencies in mobile app development.     Here are the latest trends in this booming industry which you should keep in mind and take into consideration if you are a mobile app developer or if you are planning on hiring professional developers to make your own mobile app: Multi-platform apps are increasing growing in popularity There is an increasing demand for…

Important tips and ideas for setting up the perfect mobile app development team

mobile app development
Are you planning on setting up your own mobile app development team? There are some rules which you need to follow if you want to ensure that the team includes people who have the necessary skills and expertise to develop a mobile app and work successfully together throughout the entire process of planning, designing, developing, testing, deploying and managing the mobile app.     The main team players need to include: an app developer, a manager and an app designer, but finding and hiring these people is not enough if you…

The questions to ask yourself when choosing a mobile app development platform

mobile app
With the advancement of mobile technology use, it comes to no surprise that more organizations and individuals are interested in developing their own mobile app or apps. The problem is that there are a growing number of options for mobile app development platforms (MADP) to choose from.   Here is what to consider when picking the most suitable platform for mobile app development for you or your organization: The type of devices, operating systems and tools which will support the app. Most mobile app development platforms can let users make apps which work with…

Should you invest in a Mobile App Development Platform – look at the basics here

Mobile Application Development Platforms
You are thinking about investing in a Mobile app development platform (MADP) for your new enterprise mobile app, but how to you make a financially wise decision amongst the various types of MADP products available today, and is making such an investment actually worth it for your specific business, goals and ideas?     Here are some general guidelines, which will help you decide on paying for a MADP, and choosing the best MADP to serve your purposes of planning, developing, testing and maintaining your enterprise mobile apps…

How and why to choose an MADP tool for your mobile app development

mobile app development
With the increasing growth of mobile app use, the market for Mobile App Development Platform (MADP) tools is growing and becoming even more confusing for its potential customers. The reason for this confusion is the fact that there has been an increasing need of creating mobile apps which can be used across more different platforms, OS, screen sizes and different mobile devices. The positive side of this phenomenon is that the developers of these MADP tools are striving to make the work of the developers using them as easy and as time consuming as possible. Today, thanks to…
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