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Mobile apps which will help you save and even earn some money

the professional development of a mobile app
With the influx of mobile app development and usage worldwide, very few people remain skeptical about the need to invest the time and money into the professional development of a mobile app for their business or for a new idea they have in order for it to become successful.   At the same time a growing number of people with smartphones and smart devices are becoming more and more dependable on various mobile apps which they download and use on a daily basis. Fewer people though…

The latest trends in mobile app development to keep in mind

mobile app development
With the rapid developments in the area of mobile app development, developers are getting used to constantly needing to change and shift in order to stay in line with the latest tendencies in mobile app development.     Here are the latest trends in this booming industry which you should keep in mind and take into consideration if you are a mobile app developer or if you are planning on hiring professional developers to make your own mobile app: Multi-platform apps are increasing growing in popularity There is an increasing demand for…

Important tips and ideas for setting up the perfect mobile app development team

mobile app development
Are you planning on setting up your own mobile app development team? There are some rules which you need to follow if you want to ensure that the team includes people who have the necessary skills and expertise to develop a mobile app and work successfully together throughout the entire process of planning, designing, developing, testing, deploying and managing the mobile app.     The main team players need to include: an app developer, a manager and an app designer, but finding and hiring these people is not enough if you…

The questions to ask yourself when choosing a mobile app development platform

mobile app
With the advancement of mobile technology use, it comes to no surprise that more organizations and individuals are interested in developing their own mobile app or apps. The problem is that there are a growing number of options for mobile app development platforms (MADP) to choose from.   Here is what to consider when picking the most suitable platform for mobile app development for you or your organization: The type of devices, operating systems and tools which will support the app. Most mobile app development platforms can let users make apps which work with…

Should you invest in a Mobile App Development Platform – look at the basics here

Mobile Application Development Platforms
You are thinking about investing in a Mobile app development platform (MADP) for your new enterprise mobile app, but how to you make a financially wise decision amongst the various types of MADP products available today, and is making such an investment actually worth it for your specific business, goals and ideas?     Here are some general guidelines, which will help you decide on paying for a MADP, and choosing the best MADP to serve your purposes of planning, developing, testing and maintaining your enterprise mobile apps…

How and why to choose an MADP tool for your mobile app development

mobile app development
With the increasing growth of mobile app use, the market for Mobile App Development Platform (MADP) tools is growing and becoming even more confusing for its potential customers. The reason for this confusion is the fact that there has been an increasing need of creating mobile apps which can be used across more different platforms, OS, screen sizes and different mobile devices. The positive side of this phenomenon is that the developers of these MADP tools are striving to make the work of the developers using them as easy and as time consuming as possible. Today, thanks to…

Smart tips for saving money for your mobile app development

mobile app
You are interested in developing a mobile app for your business, service or brand, or you have an absolutely brilliant idea which will win over millions of users online and make you millions? You probably are aware that developing a professional quality mobile app can be quite pricey, so make sure that you plan your investments and return of investment ahead before you proceed.   Here are some guidelines and useful tips on developing a successful mobile app without breaking the bank: Consider the huge variety of mobile device types, screen sizes and…

The ever-growing surge of mobile shopping apps – facts and forecasts

mobile shopping apps
The market share of shopping mobile apps comes in second after those for gaming and communication.     An estimated 26% of all smartphone users worldwide have downloaded and used shopping apps in 2016. The boost of shopping apps being downloaded is evident by the statistics showing a growth of 76% as compared to 2015. Asian users take up 40% of the share of those who have downloaded mobile shopping apps, with India holding 25% of the share. North Americans are in second place with a share of 17%, and 13% of the…

A great mobile life has to make our lives easier and better!

making a successful mobile app
When you come to think about it, mobile apps have truly changed the way we live.  There are literally apps for everything today, and the market keeps growing. The leading mobile app stores have more than 7 million apps available for downloading and use. A study performed by App Annie for the first quarter of 2017 has found that on a global level the average person uses between 8 to 12 mobile apps per day on their smartphones. This is how immense the effect of mobile apps on our lives is.  

A new and completely free curriculum will teach students how to code mobile apps from this fall

how to code mobile apps
Apple is working on a completely free new teaching curriculum for mobile app development for high school and college students who have little or no previous coding experience.     The new curriculum will become available in the iBooks store, with no charge for downloading and using it, according the Apple CEO Tim Cook. The curriculum has already been adopted in six community colleges with plans to educate nearly half a million students this upcoming fall. In an interview for USA Today, Cook expressed his pride of this new…
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