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A great mobile life has to make our lives easier and better!

making a successful mobile app
When you come to think about it, mobile apps have truly changed the way we live.  There are literally apps for everything today, and the market keeps growing. The leading mobile app stores have more than 7 million apps available for downloading and use. A study performed by App Annie for the first quarter of 2017 has found that on a global level the average person uses between 8 to 12 mobile apps per day on their smartphones. This is how immense the effect of mobile apps on our lives is.  

A new and completely free curriculum will teach students how to code mobile apps from this fall

how to code mobile apps
Apple is working on a completely free new teaching curriculum for mobile app development for high school and college students who have little or no previous coding experience.     The new curriculum will become available in the iBooks store, with no charge for downloading and using it, according the Apple CEO Tim Cook. The curriculum has already been adopted in six community colleges with plans to educate nearly half a million students this upcoming fall. In an interview for USA Today, Cook expressed his pride of this new…

What to strive for when developing a mobile app for your company

mobile app
In modern times, when more people are relying on their smartphones and other smart devices for any type of information and for various tasks, it is not surprising that mobile app development is growing at overwhelming rates. It does seem that there is a mobile pap for virtually anything these days. More companies and organizations are adding mobile app development for their specific needs, products and customers as a top priority to their marketing and business plans.     But in order to make a mobile app attractive to more users and actually useful…

The challenges and the essentials for mobile app development

mobile app development
Companies and organizations which are adding mobile app development to their business plans have been faced with quite a bit of challenges along the way. The Red Hat Summit held a week ago was a forum where the challenges of mobile app development were widely discussed by the attendees.     The challenges which mobile app developers are facing The successful modern mobile app must allow for seamless transfer from a desktop to a smartphone or tablet.  Mobile app developers should always maintain the user experience as top priority, and whether they…

The trends among the leading mobile apps in 2017

Mobile App Development
Gartner has announced that its research shows that in 2016 there were over 260 billion mobile app downloads, as compared to 180 billion downloads registered in 2015. The expectations are that in 2017, the downloading of mobile apps will increase even more. This means that the market of mobile apps is growing and thus becoming more competitive. This makes the work of mobile app developers much more challenging, as the demand for better and more useful apps is growing by the day.     Here are some of the leading mobile…

What to keep in mind before starting the development of a new mobile app

development of a new mobile app
As the demand for useful and user friendly mobile apps is rapidly growing, it is important for organizations to  know how to plan and develop a mobile apps which will actually be used by more people, and which in some cases may turn into a source of serious income.     Here are the most important factors to keep in mind when planning your mobile app: The investment you are planning to make You should know that a mobile app is just like any business venture and that financial planning…

Shopping mobile apps any customer around the world can use

Shopping mobile apps
Even though the holiday season is over and along with it the holiday shopping craze for gifts and great deals, online shoppers still have some great opportunities to take advantage of. Last minute bargains, coupons and sales are still ongoing, and there are some easy ways to find these great deals without needing to spend hours on the Internet and without having to leave their homes.     Here are some excellent mobile shopping apps which will help users from around the world who prefer online shopping to find the…

The use of mobile apps in 2016 and forecasts for mobile app development in 2017

mobile app development
According to Flurry analytics, the usage of mobile apps is continuously growing, but some statistics show that it has grown by 11% in 2016, which is slower than the usage growth of the previous year (the growth was a stunning 58% in 2015).  So, in fact the usage of mobile apps is possibly slowing down, or at least the usage of some of the types of apps is slowing down while that of others is growing.     The problem with the abundance and variety of the millions of Android and…

Mobile app use tendencies and useful tips for developing popular new mobile apps

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More people around the world are using their smartphones and other mobile devices instead of their desktops to shop and for their everyday needs, which is why the developers of mobile apps are continuously working and competing to create new apps which will win over more users.     According to Statista, in June 2016 there were around 2.2 million Android apps and 2 million Apple apps, downloadable in Google Play and Apple App Store respectively. It is expected that about 200 billion mobile apps will be downloaded in 2017.

The tendencies for mobile shopping at the end of 2016

mobile shopping
The latest statistics are showing a growing share of online shopping is now being done via mobile phones and tablets. It is obvious that more and more consumers are appreciating the fact that it is now so easy and quick to shop from wherever they are and at whatever time of the day or night. This convenience, as well as the fact that more mobile apps are being developed to make mobile online shopping easier, faster and safer.     According to a survey performed by a couple of agencies, many consumers…
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