The challenges and the essentials for mobile app development

May 29th, 2017

Companies and organizations which are adding mobile app development to their business plans have been faced with quite a bit of challenges along the way.

The Red Hat Summit held a week ago was a forum where the challenges of mobile app development were widely discussed by the attendees.


mobile app development


The challenges which mobile app developers are facing

The successful modern mobile app must allow for seamless transfer from a desktop to a smartphone or tablet.  Mobile app developers should always maintain the user experience as top priority, and whether they choose to move legacy computer apps to the cloud or build new native mobile apps – this should be done in accordance to the expectations of the potential users.

Making the mobile app compatible with as many screen sizes, operating systems and device types is another challenge which app developers need to tackle.

The planning and handling of the costs for mobile app development is another common problem which many organizations are facing. The proper planning and management of the costs associated with the development of the app itself as well as its testing, periodic upgrading, the deployment and its entire lifecycle is a challenge for many, and can lead to overspending and quitting the mobile app development and its future management. This can lead to serious losses for any kind of organization.

According to experts at the summit, the return on investment of a mobile app includes its productivity and the time to market it. In most cases, organizations are better off by developing several smaller business apps for their employees or customers rather than one big one encompassing all functions. This will save a lot of time, money and effort.

Another challenge which web app developers and organizations need to handle is the increasing demand for “instant gratification” by users. With the growing number of mobile apps, the users are expecting more when downloading an app. Users expect easy access to the data and functions they need, quick and efficient use and instant access from any kind of device.

The users also expect that they will receive periodic updates and that the apps are pushed out faster. This has led to the adoption of an increasing delivery model and the adoption of more flexible software by the organizations.

The problems with mobile data security and the increased awareness of keeping personal data safe are yet another obstacle for mobile app developers. Being able to ensure that the mobile app is safe to use and will not use or access any unnecessary personal info and other sensitive data is essential.


The importance of the NDA in mobile app development

Ensuring that a brilliant mobile app idea will not be stolen is another ongoing problem for people and businesses. Experts from AppInventiv have suggested that signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with the app developers is a crucial part of the planning and development process. A well-written NDA can protect your rights of the mobile app before, during and after its development, and it will also allow you to take action in case there is a breach of information in regard to your app.  It can also allow for restricting the unauthorized access and usage of the app by the mobile app developers. The problem with signing an NDA is that the development can become slower and more difficult if essential information about the app idea is kept secret from the app developers before the actual development begins.



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