Choose the best and safest VPN add ons for a better and safer browsing experience

July 16th, 2017

Worried about your privacy online?  You are not alone. The fact is that there is growing concern of the internet users around the world in regard to their privacy and the possibility of their browser traffic being accessed and monitored. This is why, VPN services, and namely the various VPN browser extensions have become so popular in the last few years.


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What do the VPN services offer

VPN services allow for secure encryption of the Wi-Fi connection, as well as hiding your identity behind a new IP, which can allow you to browse more safely, as well as reach websites which normally have limited access.

As for the users who need a lighter and less expensive or free version of the VPN services, there are numerous VPN browser extensions which can offer some or most of the benefits of the full-fledged VPN services, such as: a new IP, site unblocking and an encrypted connection.

While some VPN extensions claim to provide secure encryptions, IPs and access to block websites, not all of them provide the security of your privacy, which you are probably looking for. Some of them claim to do so, but all they provide is a proxy change for your virtual location.


The benefits of using VPN browser add ons

On the other hand, there are some VPN browser add ons which are excellent tools for easy and safe encryption of the connection, IP change and access to sites which you otherwise have no access to.

Here are some of the most reliable VPN browser extensions which you should consider using:

  1. ExpressVPN


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This is a VPN add on for Chrome and Firefox and works as an excellent remote control for the VPN which you have already installed, and thus helps protect your entire device rather than just the browser you are currently using.  This extension has some amazingly useful functions, such as successfully spoofing the geolocation report for your browser by automatically re-configuring both your IP address as well as your Wi-Fi access point location. It will provide secure encryption for all the data which enters or leaves your computer. It also provides with the option to pick a list of IPs from nearly VPN servers located in 94 countries. It also provides extra protection against your IP address leaking accidentally as you browse the Internet.

  1. TunnelBear




This is a very fast and easy to use VPN browser extension for Chrome. It provides you with user friendly functionality as well as a choice of over 20 server locations worldwide. The downside is that the free plan includes only 500MB of protected browsing per month, but you can upgrade it to 1GB if you tweet about the extension and the services, or if you want you can get unlimited browsing for only $5 per month.

  1. Windscribe


Free VPN and Ad Block


This VPN browser add on provides users with 10GB of free date per month. This add on has much fewer limits than other VPN extensions and the quality of the services it provides is of highest level. No need to sign up or register for using this app. But keep in mind that simply choosing a username you will get a 2GB free data per month, and adding an e-mail address will add another 10GB to the monthly limit! It is a fast VPN service, which offers to automatically switch and rotate IP addresses to stop websites from tracking and recognizing you, as well as ad blocking and other excellent features. It is available for Firefox and Chrome.


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