Which Chrome browser extensions are absolutely indispensable

July 21st, 2017

Given that Chrome is the most popular and widely used Internet browser in the world, chances are that you are using it too, and that you love it, or at least are happy about it.


Chrome browser extensions


You may like it as it is, but keep in mind that however good a browser Chrome is, it can become quite messy and boring with adding the best browser extensions to enhance its performance and functionality! If you haven’t installed any add ons, now is the time to find out which browser extensions for Chrome will improve your browsing experience immensely, and download and install them now:

  1. OneTab


browser extensions OneTab


Chrome is a great browser, but it does tend to use a lot of RAM so that it allows for fast, secure and stable browsing from more than one tabs. The problem with this is that this causes the entire system to slow down. This is why the OneTab extension is indispensable for all Chrome users. It will put away all of your open tabs with just one click, but still make them available for access later or at any point you need them. It can store many tabs at once which you still have access to, but without using all that RAM to do so.


  1. The Great Suspender add on


browser extensions The Great Suspender add on


Chrome is also known to use up a lot of CPU thus leading to faster draining of your battery. This is especially true when you have opened websites which are JavaScript or Flash-heavy. Even if you are not using one of the tabs, it stays active and uses up CPU. With the Great Suspender add on, you can suspend the activity of your inactive tabs, but still be able to access them later on. This is will help reduce the CPU use and save battery.


  1. The FreshStart extension

This excellent add on for Chrome provides very easy management of all tabs which you have opened in your browser. It will help you create separate tab sessions and easily switch in between them. The sessions will be automatically backed up every several minutes, just in case the browser crashes.

  1. YouTube Magic Actions


browser extensions YouTube Magic Actions


This YouTube add on for Chrome is the best one around. It provides easy access, scroll volume control, easy one-click screenshots of videos, a theme-based Cinema mode, auto repeat, previews, ratings, commenter details, show and auto hide video controls and others. Improve your YouTube experience by installing this exceptional add on.


  1. Mercury Reader


browser extensions Mercury Reader


This useful app helps remove and clean out any unnecessary pop-ups, ads, links, distractions and other information which you don’t need. It helps improve the readability and browsing experience of the different websites you visit. It helps reduce the usage of RAM by Chrome by removing all unnecessary videos, ads, images, etc.


  1. The Disconnect app


browser extensions The Disconnect app


This browser extension helps protect the privacy of users, by blocking trackers as you browse. Your browsing experience will be faster and safer with this excellent privacy add on for Chrome.


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