Common myths about mobile app development – a closer look

March 2nd, 2018

With the boost in the popularity of smartphone and smart device use, it is not surprising that we have been bombarded with hundreds of new mobile apps on a daily basis. Unfortunately, there are some common myths regarding mobile app development which many users and potential customers tend to believe.


mobile app development


Here are some of the most popular ones which we would like to explore and resolve once and for all:

  1. The development of a mobile app is extremely complicated and costs a lot

The truth is that the money you will pay for the development of a mobile app and the time and effort the process will take depends on a number of various features including:

  • Whether you are using your indoor team or outsourcing the development to a professional mobile app developer
  • The number and complexity of the features, as well as the animations and overall design you want
  • The compatibility of the app for different platforms or just one (Android, iOS, Windows Phone)
  • The server part or back end of the app
  • Others

Actually, you can build a mobile app which is both good looking and useful at a reasonable budget if you use the professional services of Besttoolbars.

  1. A good website is better than a mobile app

While some people still believe that investing in a good website is more important than developing a good mobile app, the current statistics show likewise. More people are using smartphones and mobile apps these days and this tendency is expected to continue. The numbers for the overall conversion rates via shopping apps is 120% higher than those via retail websites. Also, users are browsing products through mobile apps 286% more than they do on websites.

  1. A good mobile app development company is easy to find

Yes, there is a growing number of development companies appearing on the market, but finding the most suitable mobile app developers to meet your specific needs could take some time and effort. You will need to have clearly defined requirements and should do your research and ask around friends or partners for references in order to find a reliable development company which can meet all your requirements at conditions which suit you.

  1. Once the app is released – this is the end of the development process

Actually, the entire mobile app development is a sequence of cycles. The developers will create the first version of your app but this is only the first cycle. It is followed by fixing any bugs, making improvements and other post-release maintenance. The cycles will go on and on as you work towards continuously improving the mobile app.

  1. Your business cannot benefit from a mobile app

Some business owners still fail to understand the ways in which a good mobile app can actually benefit their business. Leading brands have increased their sales volumes by up to 60-70% after releasing mobile apps, but the same goes for small local businesses as well. Having your own mobile app will help build brand loyalty, allow you to analyze customer data and will serve you as a great marketing and retargeting tool as well as assist you in increasing your sales volumes.


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