A new and completely free curriculum will teach students how to code mobile apps from this fall

June 5th, 2017

Apple is working on a completely free new teaching curriculum for mobile app development for high school and college students who have little or no previous coding experience.


how to code mobile apps


The new curriculum will become available in the iBooks store, with no charge for downloading and using it, according the Apple CEO Tim Cook. The curriculum has already been adopted in six community colleges with plans to educate nearly half a million students this upcoming fall. In an interview for USA Today, Cook expressed his pride of this new program, and expresses his belief that the new curriculum will help the young people “thrive in the new economy.”

Given the growing rate of mobile app development, there is no doubt that mobile app development skills will be much sought for in the near future as well.

The schools where the program will be implemented are colleges in California, Arizona, and Pasadena. It is expected that in Houston, the community colleges will develop their own iOS coding and design school.


More about the mobile app curriculum

The mobile app development curriculum includes 180 hours of lectures, instructions and actual development projects which will allow for students to learn how to code mobile apps within one school year. The Swift programming language will be taught for the development of apps for iPhone and Mac. Swift was used for the development of: Airbnb, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Kayak, Venmo and other popular apps.

This one year course is a build-up on the existing Apple coding curriculums which start from kindergarten. The initiative “Everyone can code” will be implemented and used in more than 1,000 schools from this fall.


Advantages of learning mobile app development

Cook claims that there is already a shortage of Swift programmers in the US and globally, so this course and teaching initiative is being released just in time, to provide for more specialists who will be able to work in the mobile app development business in the near future.

2017 marks the 10th anniversary of the iconic iPhone, and 9 years since App Store opened. Since then Apple has sold more than 1 billion iPhones worldwide.

With the growing popularity of App Store, there is an increase of interest not only in developing consumer apps, but also enterprise apps which more businesses and organizations are embracing.  This means that there is a lot of opportunity in this sphere of coding. According to Cook, today in order to be competitive and stay in the business, nearly every enterprise needs its own business app.

Due to this fact, according to its CEO, Apple has created nearly 2 million jobs in the USA alone and developers earning more than $16 billion globally in the App Store.

App development is among the fastest growing industries and job sectors in the US, so the app development one year course is being implemented just in time. It will allow students to learn how to code and to design completely functional apps which will give them a huge advantage once they graduate.

Earlier in May 2017, Apple announced its creation of the Advanced Manufacturing Fund which with an initial investment of 1 billion dollars is aimed at creating jobs throughout the US through Apple’s supply chain. This is yet another example of the focus which Apple has on improving the economic development and creating more career opportunities for young people.

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