How to create a mobile application for Android

July 7th, 2016

You own a small or big business, and you have decided that your employees, clients and partners can benefit from a custom made company Android app?  But how exactly should you develop the app so that it functions properly and does the job it has been intended to do?

The truth is that there is a world-wide debate about the benefits of the various platforms which can be used for developing mobile applications for Android between the HTML5/JavaScript/CSS3, the native code programmers and the hybrid fans.


mobile application for Android


Types of mobile Android app development platforms

The thing is, that there are countless platforms which can be used which require less or no coding, which can be purchased, so that you can try to make your own mobile Android app, such as:

  • The free Android SDK kit, which has samples, tools for developing and testing the app, and source code, plus a load of instructions.
  • AppMakr is a browser-based app development platform, with a variety of functions and the option of using existing content as well as social network feeds.
  • GENWI is a platform which allows for the development of various mobile apps, as well as for revising them. It has rich graphics, video and other options for interaction.
  • Mippin is a very user friendly mobile application development platform which has great flexibility for development of applications for all mobile operating systems.
  • iBuildApp is a platform which has a wide choice of templates and widgets for Android apps and allows for the quick development of a working mobile Android app.
  • RunRev allows for users to create their own app for both iOS and Android, and is done though an easy to understand English-like language as well as a number of tutorials.




The problem with these and the many other mobile app development tools is that they can be confusing for people with no programming skills, plus they can be quite costly and reach to more than $1,500 per month or per application.


Why hire a professional app developer

A better alternative is to hire a professional Android mobile app developer to ensure that you get the app exactly as you want it, and even better.

Besttoolbars has been offering mobile apps to its customers since the very beginning of Google’s mobile operating system.  With years of experience, the developers from Bestoolbars will help you develop the perfect app you need, and will provide you with numerous ready presets to pick from, as well as invaluable advice on the best way to improve the functionality and user-friendliness of your corporate app.

Apps Development Android

Because of the large database of ready-made presets, the development process is quick and very cost effective.

Once the Android app is ready, the customer owes no more payments, because the company gives them the source code and doesn’t ask for license or royalty fees.


BestToolBars Contact Us   If you have a question about our services, do not hesitate to send us a message.


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