Some of the most useful cross browser extensions which you should try out today

May 17th, 2017

Browser extensions are used for enhanced productivity, easier work and for higher online security, as well as for a variety of other reasons by a growing number of users around the world. Extensions make the integration with other services we need and use seamless and more convenient. They also extend the capabilities of the Internet browser of your choice.


most useful cross browser extensions


True Google Chrome is the most popular browser, but there are Internet users who prefer to use other alternative browsers, such as: Mozilla Firefox and Opera as well.

This is why more developers are working on creating cross browser extensions which can be installed and used with all of the popular browsers. There are developers who use products such as Cross Browser Extension Framework to help make the extensions work properly on the different browsers.

Here is a list of several cross browser extensions available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera which you must have:

uBlock Origin

This excellent cross browser app is lightweight, easily customizable and easy to install and use. It is an efficient ad-blocker which allows users to enjoy a better Internet experience free of all the annoying ads, pop-ups, trackers and other spam. It offers a whitelist option to keep the ads you are interested in as well, which the other ad blocking extensions don’t have.


Getting tired of needingLastPass will securely store all your passwords in a virtual vault, and will hand the right password at the right time to you. to reset your passwords because you keep forgetting them? It also helps fill out the forms when you are shopping online. LastPass can help you generate unbreakable strong passwords for your accounts as well no matter which of the three most popular browsers you are using.

HTTPS Everywhere

As its name suggests, this extension will make sure that all websites you visit are secure, and that your privacy remains unscathed by automatically switching HTTP to HTTPS (the “S” is for security).

Gmail Notifier

Yes, this extension does check your main in Gmail and notifies you, but it also allows you to preview your e-mails, mark them as spam or as read, archive them and delete them through your browser. It works for Firefox and Opera as well as for Chrome.

Save to Pocket

This useful cross browser extension provides a “pocket” where you can store any articles, videos, news or other information which you want to look at later. You can add content to your pocket with one quick click on the toolbar icon. For users who use Firefox, the “pocket” is already integrated in the browser, but to add the icon to your toolbar you need to go to the Menu, select the Customize option and drag the “Pocket” icon to your toolbar.

Evernote Web Clipper

Like “Pocket”, this extension allows to save content, webpages, screenshots, videos, notes and images for later, but it also provides additional features for collaboration, annotating and for quick sharing. It is an excellent cross browser extension and works even better when used on your phone.


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