Why developing a native mobile app could improve your business

September 2nd, 2016

Now that more companies are choosing to make the use of smartphones and tablets by their employees, customers and partners the leading form of communication, the management of the companies needs to prioritise on choosing the most suitable mobile strategy.

In most case, this strategy needs to include the cloud and features such as back-end and other cloud based functions and features, which allow for easy synchronisation, greater storage capacity and data management, plus integration with the main business systems.


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Factors which make native apps much more productive than mobile sites

Companies are beginning to realise that developing a native app is much more productive, because customers and employees both tend to spend more time on mobile apps than on browser based mobile websites.

Mobile apps have easier and simpler UI, and many more functions, capabilities and features.  Customers who increasingly prefer using their smartphones as primary devices are easier to reach and to be engaged when companies offer their own mobile apps.

The availability of mobile collaboration and workflows between employees during the work day and after hours actually improves the performance of the company.

The more functions and the easier the mobile app is to use, the likelier the customers will choose to use it more.

This is why, company’s CIOs should focus on investing the time and resources for developing a native mobile app for their company.


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Steps for developing a successful mobile app

Developing a good mobile app is not simple task, so companies need to keep in mind some of the following important steps when planning and developing their app:

  • Testing the mobile app is incredibly important
  • Perform some serious analysis of your customers’ motivations
  • Think about adding a very useful and efficient offline mode to your app
  • Make the app very easy to use, even by people who have no experience with smartphones
  • Keep in mind the design of the app with the devices and the operating systems it will be used with
  • Grids in apps help keep everything in position and consistent
  • Make the app accessible through as much operating systems as you can
  • Create an app which makes the users’ life easier
  • Do not overcrowd the app with numerous functions and features. An app needs to have one sole purpose



It is recommended that you pick experienced mobile app developers to help you plan, test, create and deploy your mobile app. One such company, which offers affordable, quick and yet expert mobile app development solutions is Besttoolbars.net.

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