Digital commerce tendencies for apparel and accessories in the US

November 25th, 2016

Digital commerce experts in the US have made forecasts the sales of apparel and accessories via e-commerce will grow and reach about 74.03 billion US dollars in 2016.  This is nearly 19% of all the retail e-commerce in the country.

Even though the majority of US consumers still prefer to shop for clothes and accessories in brick and mortar stores, the e-commerce sales are growing rapidly too.


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A survey held back in February showed that 78% of those surveyed had purchased clothes from actual physical stores in the past 12 months, which was second after the purchased foods and packaged goods from brick and mortar stores.  But some online shopping sites have also done surveys which show that clothing and apparel is the third most popular product category being purchased online (55% in Amazon and 42% on the leading brand websites).

What the surveys show

A survey by Nielsen in the beginning of 2016 found that 82% if those surveyed who had bought apparel or accessories in the past 6 months had done it by going to an actual physical store, 41% had purchased such items online via desktop and 12% used their mobile phones and devices to do so.

A survey by Overlap and Survata found that this product category is top preferred one for US consumers who shop in brick and mortar stores (75.6%), those who shop via desktop or tablets (58.5%) and those who use their mobile phones for shopping for clothes (51.6%).

Even though there is a surge of mobile commerce, desktops are still preferred by the majority of consumers in the US who prefer digital commerce.

Why apparel retailers are going online

This is why more merchants and manufacturers of clothes, apparel and accessories are turning toward offering attractive online commerce solutions.  This includes the development of more attractive, responsive and easy to use mobile stores, native mobile shopping apps, as well as intuitive and useful browser shopping extensions.

The advantages of shopping browser extensions

More consumers are attracted by the various shopping browser extensions which offer real time information about promotions, deals, possibilities for discounts, coupon codes, free delivery etc.  Also, real time notifications about products which could be of interest to them, or the possibility to get a quick answer to a specific question in regard to a certain product with just a click is something online commerce owners should be looking for.

By developing your own browser extension which is compatible to the most popular internet browsers, your company can actually attract new customers, make them return and make them loyal ones which choose to use your online shopping browser extension because of its ease of use and usefulness.

There are developers who specialize in exactly that, and can provide you with customized solutions which fit your products, services, or specific objectives.

Relying on professionals to make you your perfect e-commerce browser extension or mobile app is an investment worth thinking about, if you want to attract more customers and keep them interested in your products.


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