Don’t miss a single deal this Black Friday with these apps and extensions

November 24th, 2017

Don’t miss a single deal this Black Friday with these apps and extensions

Even though Black Friday is around the corner and you may think that you have taken all measures and done all your research and preparations to get your hands on the best possible deals this year, there are some additional steps which you can take in order to ensure that you succeed to get the goods you like before the millions of other online customers who are expected to shop excessively and actively during this shopping holiday.


browser extensions


Here are some browser extensions and mobile apps to use and download for the best online deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday:


By signing up for the Ebates services, you will immediately receive a $10 bonus for online purchases, and you can get another $50 if you get two other people to sign on. Ebates will provide you with all the deals as well as the cashback opportunities from shopping at more than 2,000 online retail sites, including: Amazon, Target, Macy’s, Walmart, Groupon and others. It will keep you informed of all the sales, deals as well as of available promo codes available at the moment.



This app will help you store and manage all the local flyers for the best deals at one place. It works with over 1,000 retailers and allows you to do a quick search for a specific keyword or for the best weekly ads and deals around you. It has a unique “discount slider” which lets you choose the discount percentage you are interested in, so you can limit your search to only those deals which offer 40% or bigger discounts. You can also store your loyalty cards for different retailers and also has an option of creating a personalized shopping list which will automatically provide you with price and deal details of the best buys for the products on your list.


This newly updated app will reward you with gift cards from leading stores such as: Amazon, Walmart, Target, Starbucks and others, and all you need to do is earn “kicks” by walking into specific stores, scanning certain products with your phone or actually buying one or more of them. You can also receive “kicks” for virtually visiting stores as well and from online purchases you make. You have the option to get redeemed for the gift cards earned as well as for particular products. Plus, you can give away the “kicks” you have earned to a charity of your choice too.


This app provides notifications for over 300 deals and available coupons which have been found by actual experts who will do the obsessive search for the best deal for you. You will receive regular updates on the latest and the best deals and shopping opportunities for various products including high tech, home décor, apparel and others. You can also opt for the notification feature provided by this useful app which will send you alerts when a certain product or group of products goes on sale. You can synch this app with your other devices such as your personal computer, laptop or tablet, so that you can seamlessly follow the deal offers and do your online shopping when the time comes no matter which device you prefer to use for your online purchase.

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