Get an easy to use cross browser bookmarks and favorites manager for Windows

July 14th, 2017

Do you frequently switch from using your computer at work to your home PC, and then to your smartphone and other mobile devices? You probably feel a bit frustrated about needing to switch back and forth in order to find those favorites you saved on your other device, or want quick access to the stories you have bookmarked to read later. Well, more apps and browser extensions are being developed in a way which allows them to be compatible with the different popular browsers people tend to use on different devices and operating systems.


Cross Browser Extension Network


One way to create a browser extension which will work with all major Internet browsers, such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera or Safar, is to turn to professional developers, or to use a ready-made platform for developing these universal add ons, such as the Cross Browser Extension Network.


The StorURL cross browser bookmarks manager

If on the other hand you need an easy to use program which will allow you to easily access your bookmarked favorites with any browser you happen to be using, there is a handy new software you can download and try out now – StorURL is a cross-browser bookmark manager for Windows.

With this program, you can forget about the tedious task of needing to open one of the browsers you are using, finding a bookmarked website, copying it and pasting it into the other browser which you happen to be using at the moment.

StorURL allows for easy import and export of your bookmarks and favorites from and to Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera. The software is completely free and is very user friendly.

You can access your favorites at all times, manage them and make sure that they are available no matter which Internet browser you are using at the moment.


How it works

It is a simple and yet very efficient program which users are finding very useful. All you need to do is setup a database and import all of your existing bookmarks from your browsers. Just click File and then Import and choose the specific browser you want to access.

You can add password protection to your bookmark database for added security and privacy.

If you want to add bookmarks from a browser which is not in the list of browsers in the Import option, just choose the Options menu and open Custom Browsers and proceed to add the browser of your choice.

Once you have set up your bookmarks and favorites database with StorURL, you can go on and save all of the new bookmarks directly to it. If you want to access one of your bookmarked pages, just go to the URL, right click it and choose the browser you want to open it with.



Additional options

This neat program will categorize your bookmarks and favorites in different categories, which can be customized in accordance to your needs and preferences. This allows for easy viewing of your bookmarked pages by category as well.

StorURL also offers an option to export all of your favorites in an HTML file, which can be bookmarked in all of the browsers you are using, so that you have immediate access to all URLs you have saved whenever you need to. You can even set this file as a starting page for even quicker access.

The program also allows for easy backup of your database, to make sure you never lose your list of favorite websites.

This bookmark manager also helps perform a quick check of all saved URLs to check whether they are still working or not.

Also, the manager adds favicons from the sites you have saved, and has an option for a floating toolbar which you can access at all times while working on the computer, no matter which browser you are currently using.

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