Easy tips on how to get back some of your money from your holiday shopping

September 28th, 2017

We all know the expenses which the holiday shopping spree is associated with. Why not earn some cash back from the money you spend next time you shop for gifts for your family and friends? There are certain browser extensions which can help you do just that.


cashback browser extensions


Join a cashback website

Start of by signing in to some of the leading cashback websites, such as: TopCashback or Ebates. These site will give you back cash or points for shopping through them. After you create an account you just need to look for the product or store you need and shop online via the cashback site. These websites give detailed information regarding the rebates and bonuses you will receive if you shop from certain online stores and if you buy certain products and product categories.

For example, TopCashback is currently offering a 8% cashback if you shop online from Macys, so all you need to do is follow the link to Macy’s online store and make your purchase, and you will receive your 8% back. If you want to make several purchases from the same store go back and follow the link again in order to take advantage of the cashback offer, because each link works for only one rebate.


Or install a cashback browser extension

If you don’t want to be bothered to go to the cashback site each time you shop online, you can download and install the Ebates or TopCashback cashback browser extensions. These buttons will appear each time you visit an online store for which the cashback service of your choice has an offer. The Ebates button works even if you are browsing the Internet for a specific product. It will appear right next to each store in the search results which the cashback service has an offer for.

Before you proceed with your holiday shopping, make sure that you check with your preferred cashback service for the current offers and deals offered. There are differences between the deals offered by the different cashback services, so make sure that you check all of them or that you install more than one cashback plugin for your browser, so you don’t miss a deal.


What the different cashback services offer

The different cashback websites have different policies on paying you back the money earned. For example, Ebates will send you your money on a quarterly basis, but you need to have earned at least 5.01 dollars for the three month period. You will receive a 10$ bonus for signing up, but this doesn’t count towards the cash earned. You will receive a check or if you prefer by PayPal. You can also send the money earned to a charity of your choice or to a family member. TopCashback offers fur different cashback payment offers, including: PayPal, Amazon gift card or a direct deposit to an American Express Reward card or to your bank account.

If you prefer doing your shopping via your mobile phone or device, check whether your preferred cashback service has a cashback shopping app available for your mobile OS and you can receive rebates when shopping in stores which the cashback service works with.

Another method for making money by shopping is to download and use mobile shopping apps, such as Ibotta which requires that you scan the receipts from your purchases from stores where Ibotta offers cashback offers. You can check whether a certain item will earn you back some money by scanning its barcode via the shopping app.

Take advantage of these easy to use apps, extensions and online services each time you shop online, and you will be amazed by the amount of money you can earn back over time!


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