The ever-growing surge of mobile shopping apps – facts and forecasts

August 23rd, 2017

The market share of shopping mobile apps comes in second after those for gaming and communication.


mobile shopping apps


An estimated 26% of all smartphone users worldwide have downloaded and used shopping apps in 2016. The boost of shopping apps being downloaded is evident by the statistics showing a growth of 76% as compared to 2015.

Asian users take up 40% of the share of those who have downloaded mobile shopping apps, with India holding 25% of the share. North Americans are in second place with a share of 17%, and 13% of the global users also have chosen to download online shopping apps last year are from Europe.

This boost in the downloads and use of shopping apps in the past year is impressive but cannot be compared to the huge surge of smartphone users who have chosen to download gaming apps in 2016, who amount to 78% of the users of smartphones worldwide! Also, an estimated 77% of the global users have downloaded apps for communication and 73% have chosen to use social media related apps.

Forecasts for the future use of mobile shopping apps

But the growth of the popularity of shopping apps is noted as being faster than that of any other basic types of apps.

Data shows, that from the users who have downloaded shopping related mobile apps, a staggering 18% have downloaded apps for buying and selling, such as: eBay and Alibaba, and 9% have downloaded apps offering discount and coupon services for online shopping, and only 6% have chosen to download apps which are fashion related and offered by various retailers, brands and stores.

Experts suggest that this rapid growth allows for more retailers and producers to enter the online shopping app market, as the interest in online shopping as well as in mobile internet use is continuously growing amongst users worldwide. A good example of proper market positioning is the recent e-commerce and other mobile investments made by Amazon and Flipkart in the ever growing Indian market, where the online shopping app users are expected to keep growing at a steady rate in the foreseeable future.

Experts also suggest that retailers need to take into consideration the boost in mobile commerce and ensure that they are equipped and offer their customers the proper mobile tools in order to keep their existing ones and attract new ones.



What retailers must know about their online shopping app prospects

Retailers who invest in the professional shopping mobile development are more likely to show profits and an increase of sales. In fact, studies have shown that an actual purchase is three times more likely to be completed via a mobile app as compared to an Internet store. Yet, only about 10% of the leading online retailers already have working shopping apps.

Investing wisely into the planning, development and maintenance of a shopping app can be decisive for the retailers in the future. In order to create and provide their users with shopping apps which they will download, use and hopefully return to, retailers and business owners need to apply the following crucial elements when working with the mobile app developers of their choice:

  1. Create a direct line to the customers
  2. Boost brand engagement and loyalty
  3. Allow for ease of use and a faster checkout
  4. Plan on higher conversions on the sales

Smartphone users are getting more pretentious and less patient when it comes to the apps they use, so making the user experience friendly, simple, easy and hassle free is crucial when working on a new shopping app.


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