How to expand your business worldwide?

July 25th, 2018

You are not quite sure what kind of strategy to pursue in order to further expand your online business within your country and worldwide?


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There are various methods for expanding your e-commerce business, including the use of discount coupons, cashback solution, price comparison services, joining affiliate networks – to mention just a few.

Thankfully, we have the perfect solution which will help expand your online business worldwide much quicker and more efficiently than most of the other methods.

Our solution

With Affiliate Stock, you will not only increase the internet traffic to your website but will help you find the most suitable offers by advertisers to integrate into your website for better monetizing as well as for enhancing your customer’s experience and loyalty.

The solution covers over 200 thousand offers from over 5,000 advertisers.

The team of professionals can help you develop the backend part and connect the chosen affiliate networks of your choice to your corporate website via the API and which will display the offers on your website. This module needs to be supported to meet the ongoing updates of the APIs of the affiliates over time and will take about 30 hours per affiliate network.

A better option s to join Affiliate Stock. Once connected to your website, you can join any chosen affiliate network for free. The team of experts will help make the changes which will allow the offers and ads to be displayed on your website. The set up of the Affiliate Stock takes approximately 30 hours.

What is Affiliate Stock

Affiliate Stock contains data from more than 22 affiliate networks and more networks are being added as we speak. Affiliate Stock also provides a useful API for connecting and working with all these networks, which helps reduce the time needed for uploading the offers to the websites of the publishers.

With Affiliate Stock you will save hundreds of hours which are needed for connecting to each separate affiliate network. You will receive the API in just 5 days, and you can begin to connect to all networks of interest, thus start monetizing on your website immediately.

Affiliate Stock will provide you access to affiliate networks around the world and will offer you suggestions for each market you are interested in.

It also includes ready solutions for your marketing strategy for expansion including coupons, cashback and price comparison services.

With Affiliate Stock you can connect with as many affiliate networks as you want in just 40 hours, while without it – it takes approximately 100 hours to connect to just 5 of these networks.

The API will aggregate affiliate links from all the affiliate networks you are connected to after you register and join their merchant campaigns.


Overall, the main advantages of Affiliate Stock are that you can quickly expand your online business worldwide, increase the number of affiliate networks which are connected to your website, start a brand new cashback or coupon business in less than 30 days, and last but not least – you will not spend money on the costly backend development.

Choose Affiliate Stock today!

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