What to expect in mobile software and hardware developments in 2018

January 29th, 2018

At the beginning of 2018 it is becoming ever so obvious that smartphones are becoming an inseparable part of our lives, and are now considered by some as their “natural continuation.”


mobile software and hardware developments


The increasing dependence on smartphones for communication, data search and for various services and purchases means that in 2018 we can expect further technological developments in both software and hardware for smartphones and other smart devices.

The tendencies are that several tech trends will be predominant this year when it comes to mobile app development and smartphone hardware production including:


Augmented Realty technology is becoming more popular now with the introduction of affordable smartphones with powerful RAM and with multi-core processors. AR gives users a completely new feel and impression when it comes to games, shopping and other mobile web experiences.

Augmented Realty technology

In 2018 this tendency will most likely increase, as Microsoft is the first tech company to announce the upcoming release of AR based apps which will become available for the mass market and most smartphone users. This means that web and mobile app developers need to quickly adapt to this new trend and work on adding AR tech and elements to their design and app functionality if they want to succeed in 2018.



Since last year, the blockchain technology has been gaining momentum, so it is expected that in 2018, it will become essential for the building of mobile apps and providing mobile services. This is especially true when security protection needs to be fortified of when using online payment and financial platforms.




Artificial Intelligence is already being used by a multitude of smartphone users who rely on Apple’s Siri and other voice assistance for just about anything they need. In 2018 it is expected that AI will increase its impact on mobile app development and functionality and will become more accessible to more developers, enterprises and users worldwide.


Bots will become indispensable for companies and businesses looking towards decreasing their costs and maximizing their profits. Bots will become even more popular in mobile app development in 2018.



The Internet of Things will continue to expand and reach new heights in 2018. Expectations are that more and more smart devices in your home and office will connect to the Internet in 2018 in order to provide you with even better services and all the data you need. This means that mobile app developers will need to meet these needs of users to be able to access, use and control their smart homes and offices.


Mobile commerce boost

New developments in the area of mobile payments, internet banking and e-wallets utilizing crypto currency will be made in 2018 in order to meet the rapidly increasing trend of people worldwide using smartphones and smart devices to shop and pay for services online via their mobile devices.


Cloud based apps

Users are taking advantage of the multitude of cloud based mobile apps for easy and safe storage and access of their data, so it is logical to expect that the developments of new and better mobile apps utilizing the cloud will expand in 2018 as well.

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