The expected trends in e-commerce for 2018 which can make a whole difference for retailers

February 6th, 2018

E-commerce and M-commerce have been rapidly gaining momentum and increasing their sales volumes share in the past years. Expectations are that this boost will further continue to grow in 2018 which is why existing and new online retailers need to follow the new tendencies in order to meet the anticipated trends in e-commerce for 2018 if they want to increase their sales and survive along with the Internet retail giants who are currently dominating this ever-expanding market.


trends in e-commerce for 2018


Here are the forecasts for the e-commerce and m-commerce trends to take into consideration in 2018:

  1. E-commerce via e-mailing will become essential for brands

Already many big and small brand names are increasing their online sales via e-mail. It is e-mail which is already bringing more revenue to online retailers as compared to social network based e-commerce. This method of reaching loyal, new and potential customers has been found to be exceptionally efficient for driving users to a website and actually selling products and services to them.

Not only can companies target their customers more accurately but they can also provide them with the security of purchasing their goods directly from within their inboxes.

  1. The e-commerce trade departments must work very closely with the other departments

All departments of a retail company should work closely together in order to achieve the e-commerce related goals of the enterprise. This means that marketing, PR, digital search and other departments must align their efforts and work on their strategies together for overall better success of the e-commerce sales and for better reach of their customers in 2018.

  1. Continued engagement

Forecasts for 2018 are that advertising for e-commerce will become increasingly expensive, which means that finding ways to engage the target audience which is outside of the purchasing points will become essential if an e-commerce business wants to bring back customers to their online store to complete a purchase or for making new ones.

  1. Credible content distribution

About 85% of the online customers claim that they perform online research before actually buying something online. This means that establishing content regarding your products and services which is trustworthy and credible if you want to accomplish more actual sales. This is why e-commerce should work on building better content and aligning it with the overall PR strategy of the company in order to attract engage and educate more customers while they are performing their research in regard to different buying decisions.

  1. Humanized and personalized branding

Personalizing the product and the experience for each and every customer plays a huge role on building their loyalty and getting them to return as well as attracting new clients online. Simple things such as offering your customers personalized products with their name on them can make a huge difference for e-commerce brands in 2018.

  1. Improving overall e-commerce skills

With the tendency of all departments of a company working closer together to improve sales, it is no surprise that the need of better understanding of all the different skills and tasks involved in e-commerce will be crucial in 2018. Since the technologies are constantly developing and moving forward, the people involved in the project will need to continuously educate themselves in regard to all aspects of online commerce rather than companies relying on separate people and departments with limited skill sets to achieve their goals.

  1. Voice shopping

With the advancement of the use of voice assistants for just about any other aspect in life, people are increasingly relying on their smartphone and other smart device voice assistants to research and actually make online purchases, so voice shopping is an aspect which each online retailer should also keep in mind when planning their business strategy and development for 2018.

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