Expected trends for the online sales volumes and e-commerce results for Q4 of 2017

November 29th, 2017

There is no need to be a marketing expert to conclude that this year’s holiday online sales will be bigger than last year’s. The boost of e-commerce is constantly growing which means that the online purchases made during the upcoming holidays will definitely reach new heights this year.


eCommerce Marketing Trends


Here are some of the e-commerce trends to expect by the end of 2017:

  1. The share of online retail shares will reach their highest levels in the last quarter of 2017

This is an annual trend which has been going on for more than 10 years now. The Q4 online sales tend to rise as compared to online sales in the last quarter of the year, mainly due to holiday season shopping. Statistics show that the online sales in the last quarter of 2016 peaked up to 9.6% of all sales in these last four months, and then their share fell down back to 9% at the beginning of 2017.

Still, it is safe to say that the online sales during this year’s holiday season will reach over 10% of all sales for the period.

  1. E-commerce orders and sales will increase faster on Black Friday as compared to Cyber Monday

The act of physically lining up in front of stores prior to its opening on Black Friday is becoming less popular. More consumers choose to shop online for the best deals offered on this traditionally brick and mortar sales holiday. Last year, the share of online sales on Black Friday showed a bigger increase than those on Cyber Monday. There is no reason to expect any different tendency for this year as well. This is why it is highly recommended that the traditional brick and mortar stores and brands add additional digital channels for consumers to browse and shop online as well in order to increase the sales volumes and revenues from these two significant sales holidays.

  1. Locally focused online ads will gain importance this holiday season

In the past several years, internet giant Google has been putting more and more emphasis on delivering locally-focused digital ads for internet searchers who want to find goods and services near them. One popular such ad format is the LIA (Local Inventory Ads) which includes ads with products listed which have pertinent information regarding where these products could be picked up locally by the users interested. Last year, this type of ads grew in numbers around Thanksgiving, but the real sales resulting from them took off in the week prior to Christmas. This tendency is most possibly due to the interest for locally available options by more users as well as to the increased aggressiveness of advertisers who have bids for local inventory ads which need to be sold in a timely manner due to climbing shipping expenses and the time-sensitive delivery demands for the holidays. So, if you are a brick and mortar business owner, it is probably a good idea to set up your LIA campaign right away, so that it can pass the accuracy checks by Google and make it in time prior to the upcoming holiday shopping season.

Another popular local ad format which has shown an increase in impact on sales during the holidays is the Google Maps based ads. Searches for local stores and brand names within the Google Maps navigational app increased right before Christmas last year. Also, non-brand searches spiked on Christmas Eve and Christmas day themselves due to the large number of last-minute shoppers.


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