Our favorite browser plugins for shopping for 2016

December 22nd, 2016

With the growing popularity of browser extensions and mobile apps for better and quicker online bargain hunting, there have been new browser plugins and mobile apps offering cash back and similar services popping out literally every day now.

If you are wondering which one or more of them to choose, we have tried out quite a lot of them, and have made our decision about the top browser extensions and plugins for online shopping, for getting the best deals, price comparison and coupon finding online.

Here they are:

The Ebates cash back button

Ebates is a browser extension which offers users direct cash back activation, as well as direct discount code application to the purchase made on checkout. The Ebates website has numerous offers for cash back from a very wide range of retailers. The offers rotate, so you get an exact idea about how much money you will get back, and what the size of the discount you will receive will be. The Ebates cash back button extension is compatible with Chrome.


browser plugins for shopping


Another great browser extension for online shopping which we liked very much is Honey. Once you install this extension, you will only need to go on shopping online like you usually do and Honey will do the rest for you in the background. Honey finds the nest coupon codes available for the product or service of your choice and applies it automatically at checkout for you. Honey offers to locate the best deals and prices on Amazon, and other big retailers. Also, you have an option of receiving a surprise bonus of 0 to 100% cash back on you purchase, each time you do it through Honey. It is compatible with Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera.

Goodshop Fetch Button

The Fetch Button online shopping browser extension from Goodshop is a bit different from the others. It comes with a slight twist. It does help users and members locate the best deals and existing coupons and apply them to the purchase, but this automatically means that 1.5% of the money you spent for that purchase is going to a charity chosen by you or to your school. The extension shows the percentage which will be donated for each purchase on any webpage or online store.  It is compatible with Chrome, Safari and Firefox, and will help you get better prices and do something good for your favorite charity as well.

The Camelizer

CamelCamelCamel which is a tracking site for Amazon has developed this online shopping browser app, for easy price comparisons for online purchases.  The webpage as well as the browser extension offer users a history of the prices of the items back in time, so that they can actually see whether they are receiving a worthy deal on a certain product or not.

It is compatible with Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Slice Watch

This Slice Watch  browser extension for online shopping is somewhat of a “smart assistant” to you while you are doing your online shopping. It can track the prices of products that interest you and inform you as soon as the prices of these products drop.

It is compatible with Google’s Chrome browser.


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