There is a Firefox extension which can help you control what you share with Facebook

May 2nd, 2018

With the hysteria surrounding the scandal with Facebook and the use of personal data accumulated by the social media network for wrongful purposes by Cambridge Analytica, it is not surprising that the #DeleteFacebook movement is gaining momentum.


Firefox extension which Facebook


If you are one of the billions of users who use Facebook every day for communicating with your friends and relatives or for business and advertising purposes you may not be ready to completely get rid of your Facebook profile and stop using the most popular social media in the world.

Thankfully, there are ways to ensure that Facebook is not snooping on your browsing habits. One of the ways is to install and use a smart browser extension available for Firefox which helps protect your user and browser data.

About Facebook Container


Facebook Container


The clever browser extension for Mozilla Firefox is called Facebook Container and helps stop the internet social media giant from mining your personal data as you browse the web.

Once you install it, the Facebook Container extension opens a separate blue colored tab on the browser. This tab will include everything you are doing on Facebook. If you choose to click on a link which is a non-Facebook one, the link will be opened in a separate tab which means that you can safely browse through the website without any interference or spying from Facebook.

Obviously, your personal data will still be available to Facebook until you choose to delete your profile, but at least with this excellent browser extension, you can be certain that you are browsing and moving from one website to another without Facebook following your every move.

This will help curb Facebook’s interference and data accumulation of your online habits as well as on your online shopping decisions. This will reduce the number of annoying ads which keep following you and appearing in your Facebook timeline feed.

Why should you bother about Facebook’s habit of following you around the www

Since your internet browsing habits can say quite a lot about your personal interests, your shopping preferences, your political views, hobbies and other very personalized information, downloading and using the Facebook container add-on for Firefox is a very efficient way to stop Facebook from finding out just about everything about you and possibly having this data used for the wrong reasons as well as for intrusive advertising.

It is not meant to stop users from using Facebook altogether but rather to protect them from the unexpected sides of this usage, according to Mozilla.

In fact, Mozilla has shown it strong support for protecting user’s data and personal information by announcing that it will no longer place ads on Facebook as a sign of solidarity, and as a bid to encourage the social media network led by Mark Zuckerberg to work on improving the privacy settings of the platform.


Final words

This handy browser extension is a superb option for those users who do not want to part ways with Facebook but still want to have some control on which type of data regarding their internet presence and activities is being gathered by the internet giant.



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