What the future poses for e-commerce and m-commerce growth

November 24th, 2016

Forecasts by digital commerce experts show that mobile commercial sales in 2016 will reach a stunning 123 billion US dollars by the end of the year in the US only. This marks a 39% increase as compared to 2015, and more than 95% more than 2014. E-commerce too is continuing to grow, with an expected sales volume via online stores expected to reach 262 billion US dollars for 2016.


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Why customers are preferring digital commerce solutions

More manufacturers and merchants are relying on digital commerce solutions, including e-commerce and m-commerce which allow the customers and potential ones more flexibility, ease of use, as well as delivery tracking information, online consultations, price comparisons, status of the delivery, etc. useful features. Apparently more customers now prefer this much more convenient way to buy any kind of product or services.

The speed and convenience of e-commerce and m-commerce is what is making this form of shopping much more popular with every year, and what is helping win over and keep a loyal customer base.

In recent years, as mobile websites became much more responsive to interested buyers, it is no surprise that the percentage of consumers who have as high expectations when shopping via m-commerce as when shopping from their desktops.

What customers expect from mobile retail sites and shopping browser extensions

What customers today expect is: more responsive mobile sites, no glitches, ease and comfort of use, and excellent guidance through the m-commerce shopping process.

For those merchants who are new to all the digital commerce solutions, here are some tips on what customers are expecting from your online stores, e-commerce browser extensions, mobile commerce sites and apps:

  • They must be easy and quick to access and load
  • Uncomplicated and de-cluttered screens and visual directions, large images of the product, large enough fonts and that they are optimized depending on the size of the screen of the mobile device or computer used
  • Simple, user friendly navigation – make it possible for the customer to see and buy a product with just a click or tap on the screen
  • Make sure the shopping checkout process is quick and easier for the customers so that they don’t give up at the end
  • Make sure you take advantage of mobile apps or browser extensions with intuitive search and predictive functionality to keep your customers interested and make them return to your digital store.


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In conclusion

The main reason for the growth of the sales volumes of m-commerce is the rise and growth in the mobile native shopping app development, for the specific mobile OS which can take advantage of the hardware of the mobile phone or other device, such as barcode scanning with the mobile camera and others.

Native m-commerce solutions are the most preferred mobile commerce tools today.

Also, good e-commerce browser extensions tend to improve the sales and increase customer loyalty too. Choosing to offer easy access to your latest deals, special predictive search functions, notifications, price comparison, deal searches are extremely useful, and are more likely to get and keep an online shopper interested in your products and services.



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