The future tendencies for the development of e-commerce

November 11th, 2016

E-commerce is becoming more and more popular, which has caused the traditional overall market to take note of it too.  The fact that the online payment options for processing and technology as well as the fact that most e-commerce sites accept online credit card payment has further boosted the popularity of online shopping.


development of e-commerce


The statistics regarding the tendencies in e-commerce

According to a research by Business Insider’s BI Intelligence service, in 2016, US consumers are going to spend 385 billion dollars online and an expected 632 billion dollars online in 2020. This growth is normal given the growing popularity of e-commerce.

In comparison, the growth in sales in traditional retail has been 2% for the first half of 2016, while the growth in e-commerce was 16%.

The online shoppers have grown from 204 million in 2015 to 224 million in 2016th. The leading products and services sold online in the US are media, sport and hobby goods (60% of all the sales in this sphere occur online), followed by furniture, clothing, electronics, food and beverages.

Given these statistics and tendencies, it is no surprise that more merchants are turning to e-commerce to increase their sales and widen their markets.

How to start and maintain a successful online store

In order to have a successful online store these days, it is highly recommended that you have branded browser shopping extensions and mobile apps.  These extensions, if developed properly, will help keep the customer engaged and reminded of your products and services.  An easy to use, useful and interesting shopping browser extension or mobile app will compel more customers to download it and install it, and very likely to use it.

The good shopping browser extension as well as your e-commerce webpage should have good search engine result positions in the most popular search engines. There are tools and experts who can help you with the improvement of you SERP position.

Also, a good shopping browser extension should have an option for the customer to directly contact you, in case there are any questions or other matters. This can be done in the form of real time communication options, and others.

You can add popup notifications, news and reminders, to attract customers to return to your online store.

Make sure you have currency conversion options if you are planning to sell your products abroad too.


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Find a good browser extension developer can create your customized browser extension which can add a branded icon to the toolbar, next to the address bar. When the customer clicks on it, a pop up balloon menu is shown, with lists of products, merchants, coupons, deals and other information which is easy to view and access with one click. If the user is registered in your online store, the balloon will show personalized account information as well, including their balance, status of the orders and other useful information.

Even though Google Chrome is the most popular browser worldwide, make sure that you have a shopping extension for other browsers too, including: Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari as well. You don’t want to miss out on potential customers just because of their Internet browser choice, right?

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